Intuitive Astrology: Mercury Retrograde September-October 2022

The third Mercury Retrograde of the year starts on September 9, lasting until October 2. Mercury will enter retrograde in the air sign of Libra, making its way back into the earth sign, Virgo, on September 23.

As Mercury Retrograde travels through Libra, we may notice themes relating to our relationships and how we connect with others.

As Mercury Retrograde travels through Virgo, we may notice themes around our work-life balance and our health, particularly our habits relating to our health.

Before we unravel how these themes may manifest, let’s recap what Mercury Retrogade is and why it is part of the natural cycle and rhythm of the cosmos.

Mercury Retrograde: A Natural Rhythm of the Cosmos

Mercury is considered the messenger of the Gods. Ancient astrologers believed that when Mercury was retrograde, he would slip into the underworld, heightening our subconscious mind and intuition, and bringing to the surface hidden, lost, or forgotten messages.

Mercury Retrograde is a time when energy shifts to an internal state, allowing us to go within and listen to our own inner world rather than the voices of the world around us. It also encourages us to reflect and look back over the past before proceeding ahead.

As Mercury is considered the planet of thoughts, communication, technology, and travel, its retrograde phase can sometimes create delays, indecision, mishaps, and miscommunications.

While these sorts of things can happen at any time, it is always considered a sign from the Universe to pay attention if they happen under Mercury Retrograde’s spell.

What messages could Mercury be trying to deliver to you?

How to Deal with the Energy of Mercury Retrograde

Many people struggle with the Mercury Retrograde period as they can feel sluggish, easily confused, or mentally foggy.

Mercury does rule over our mind and thinking processes, so with energy shifting to more of an internal state, it can sometimes be challenging to know which way to turn or how we should think about something. But keep in mind, this is how we grow. This is how the dimensions of our mind are changed and awakened.

If you are feeling foggy, scattered, or lethargic under a Mercury Retrograde, know the best antidote is to draw your energy inward and give yourself time and space to reflect and look over the past.

Usually, once Mercury ends its retrograde or aligns with the Sun, which happens once during each retrograde cycle, more clarity will arise.

As Mercury Retrograde aligns with the Sun, it is considered reborn and we are likely to gain clarity, new wisdom, and perhaps even some insights into what messages Mercury has been trying to deliver.

For this particular retrograde, Mercury aligns with the Sun on September 22. This can be an illuminating day, so look out for messages that come your way and pay attention to any signs the Universe sends.

Mercury Retrograde September- October 2022

The September Mercury Retrograde also happens to fall one day before the Pisces Full Moon. Pisces energy can be likened to a piece of music. It likes to flow in rhythm and in harmony. It is formless, and yet, it moves us, inspires us, heals us, and can activate every emotion in our body. Music can transform our cells and vibrate the particles around us.

As this music flows from the Pisces Full Moon, we may feel our energy wanting to flow too. And, with Mercury also scattering our mind and drawing us inward, we may find we feel a little all over the place, uncertain, or unconfident on how to proceed.

If this resonates, see if you can find your flow and surrender to it. Doing so will be so much easier than trying to fight it.

It is necessary every once in a while to flow, to allow things to reveal themselves, and to sit back in a more passive state. While we can’t always operate this way, the addition of Mercury Retrograde followed by the Pisces Full Moon just a day later is our permission slip from the Universe.

Mercury Retrograde through Libra and Virgo

As Mercury moves through Libra from September 9-22, it may highlight our relationships. Old relationships may come back into our lives in some way, or we may feel it necessary to leave some relationships in the past. We may also feel confused or indecisive about a certain relationship in our lives.

As Mercury moves through Virgo from September 23 onwards, we may need to address the motivation behind our daily habits, particularly the habits that relate to our health and well-being. Is our motivation rooted in alignment or somewhere else?

Mercury ends its retrograde on October 2, but won’t be back to its former strength and energy until October 16.

The next Mercury Retrograde cycle begins on December 29, however we will begin feeling the effects as early as December 12.

Mercury Retrograde and Dreams

As Mercury Retrograde heightens our subconscious and intuition, it is a great time to pay attention to your dreams. In September, this energy is coupled with the Pisces New Moon, heightening the effects even more! To help you navigate this, I have teamed up with Dream Oracle, Holly Emmerson and together, we are putting on a Zoom session on September 6, 2022 at 11am PDT. This session is for all those who have purchased our Mercury Retrograde and Dreams Workbook. There is still time to get yours! Order here and come join me on Zoom!

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