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mintaka and the sun astrology

Throughout June, our Sun aligns with many of the stars of Orion. Orion is one of the most well-known constellations in our night sky. It is visible from every corner of the world and lies close to the celestial equator.

In many cultures, Orion is considered a constellation that brings strength and perseverance. It is linked with fertility, death, and protecting all of life. It is also interesting to note that the Great Pyramids in Egypt, the Pyramids in Teotihuacan, and the Xi’an Pyramids of China are all said to align with the Orion constellation.

Astrologers have marked 13 fixed stars in the constellation of Orion, including the brightest stars- Rigel, Bellatrix, and Betelgeuse. Our Sun meets with these stars on June 7, June 11, and June 20 respectively, making it a power time to connect with the protective and fortifying energy of Orion, however out of all the fixed stars in this constellation, there was one that I felt intuitively drawn to, and that is Mintaka.


Mintaka is one of the three stars that make up Orion’s Belt. Mintaka is the closest star to the celestial equator, and while it is not the brightest, many feel connected to its energy and that it was once their original star home.

On June 13, the Sun aligns with Mintaka, activating its energy and perhaps the forgotten memories of the lost water world that it used to be.

Mintaka was believed to be a peaceful place filled with crystal clear water that was light and airy, and much easier to move through than the water on planet Earth.

Mintakans mostly lived underwater and many feel that the idea of mermaids or merpeople comes from our collective subconscious and the forgotten memory of the Mintakans and how they used to live.

The story goes that the beautiful place of Mintaka was destroyed, forcing the Mintakans to relocate to planet Earth. Many starseeds of Mintaka report feeling a longing for a place that no longer exists or homesickness they can’t explain. They also feel very connected to water and love to be near the ocean.

Mintaka and the Sun

In astrology, Mintaka is a fixed star located at 22 degrees of the tropical zodiac of Gemini. It brings strong intellect, wisdom, and the perseverance of higher knowledge.

When Mintaka is active in our cosmic skies, like on June 13 when it aligns with the Sun, our mental energy and higher chakras receive a boost, helping us to find a higher truth, seek new information, and expand what we thought we knew.

We may feel encouraged to keep learning, to research more deeply, and to ask new questions. Mintaka gives us a curiosity, a wonder that allows us to push further and get to the heart of things.

As the old saying goes, a mind expanded can never go back to its old dimensions, and that is what Mintaka can help us to realize.

Mintaka and the Sun Rituals

On June 13, as the Sun aligns with Mintaka, keep your mind and third eye open. See what new insights, new wisdom, and new information floats your way. Allow your mind to be stretched to new heights and new beliefs. Recognize any limitations you have been putting on yourself, and how they may be shifted with a fresh perspective.

The energy of Mintaka is particularly helpful if you are studying or need to tackle a project that requires a lot of brainpower. If you are looking for more mental stimulation in your life, Mintaka may just bring the right project or opportunity your way.

Mental expansion is also about our imagination and allowing it to wander into daydreams, visualizations, and storytelling.

Our imagination is really an untapped superpower. When we allow our imagination to take over, it can help us to strengthen our intuition, boost our creativity, and come up with new and insightful ideas.

In fact, one of the first steps to strengthening your intuition and increasing your psychic gifts is to allow your imagination to take over! Very often it is the same muscle that allows our imagination to take over that helps us connect to our natural intuitive and psychic abilities.

Ritual 1- Imagination flows to Intuition

A good exercise to try to work with the concept is to think of a question you would like your intuition to answer. Write the question at the top of your page and then use your imagination to come up with an answer. Don’t worry about it being wrong or right, just allow your imagination to take over.

After you have written down your answer from the lens of your imagination, read back over it, is there anything that resonates? Is there anything that could be true? Is there any part of your imaginative story that gives you some insights you didn’t recognize before?

Ritual 2- Imagination and your Purpose

Our imagination can also help to connect us with our purpose. Using your imagination, write down your dream day. Write down all the things you would love to be doing and how you would love to spend your time. Allow your imagination to take over and go big! Don’t limit yourself in any way.

When you are done writing, look back over what you wrote and notice if there are any themes in regards to how you would like to be spending your time. Is your day filled with opportunities to teach, to heal, to write, to dance? Whatever you have selected is likely to be connected to part of your purpose on this earthly journey.

Ritual 3- Mintaka and the Healing Energy of Water

As Mintaka is connected to the water, we can also use the energy of this star to spend time near the ocean or support ocean life. If you don’t live near the ocean, even a relaxing bath can be beneficial.

To add some magic to your water time, set an intention as you bathe in the ocean to receive healing energies from the water into your being. You can even charge up a glass of drinking water with an intention and allow it to infuse into your cells as you drink it.

Mintaka was known for its beautiful, crystal-clear, healing waters, so especially if you feel connected to this star system, make it a point to honor this memory by being near the water.

Do you feel connected to Mintaka? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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