Intuitive Astrology: November Full Moon 2018

november full moon 2018

November has brought many planetary shifts and changes. While all these shifts and changes are fruitful and are getting us ready for an action-packed 2019, we may have been feeling a little tense or a little uneasy about what’s ahead. We may be feeling change in the air, but we may not be sure how this change is exactly going to manifest.

2018 has definitely been a year for upgrading ourselves and for peeling back the layers so we can step into a higher consciousness and a higher level of awakening. It has been a stop-and-go type year where we have really been challenged to question and pause before moving ahead.

All of this energy is now coming to a head as we wrap up the end of the year, and we may be feeling a sense of renewal or rebirth creeping in. We may be feeling the merits of our hard work finally paying off.

The Universe will also bring more clarity our way with the November Full Moon on the 23rd-24th in the sign of Gemini.

This Full Moon is going to help bring some clarity to the direction of our lives and will help us to understand a newfound truth about what direction we should be heading in.

The Gemini Full Moon of November falls at zero degrees Gemini. In numerology, zero represents all possibilities and infinite creative potential. It is the point before the beginning and represents the creative process we take before the idea comes to us.

Zero is the blank canvas before we have decided what it will be, and this is the energy that November’s Full Moon will encompass. In many ways, this Full Moon represents the potential of who we have become and what possibilities lay before us as we wrap up this year and prepare to start a new one.

There is strong illumination energy around this Full Moon too, and it’s likely some new truths are going to come to the surface. These truths may be painful, or they may be hard to swallow at first, but it is necessary for them to be revealed to us now.

These new truths may require us to release and let go of things we once believed to be true, they may also require us to pivot and change our direction.

There may be challenges that arise with this as there are some tense and harsh aspects around this Full Moon, but if you trust what unfolds and keep steady in your heart, you will be guided forward.

Full clarity is more likely by the next Full Moon in December, however, this upcoming Full Moon will definitely help us to peel back the curtain and light the way forward.

Many years ago, a psychic medium by the name of Elsie Wheeler, sat and channeled the meaning for each degree of the zodiac. She came up with a psychic image that represented what each zodiac degree stood for. These are known as Sabian Symbols.

The Sabian Symbol that Elsie channeled for zero degrees Gemini is “a glass bottom boat reveals undersea wonders.”

If we think about this symbolism for a moment, we can imagine that we have been sailing our ship for the last 11 months, battling waves, enjoying the sun, and charting our course. We may have had theories about what lies beneath us, but all we have been able to see is the dark, murky water below.

Now, all of a sudden, the boat appears to have a glass bottom and we can see straight to the bottom of the ocean. Suddenly a new truth has been revealed, and we are able to see with greater clarity about what has been swimming underneath us this whole time.

This new found revelation allows us to understand where we have come from and where we are heading. It allows us to understand what we have been battling and why our course may have looked the way that it did.

This newfound clarity may also be startling or hard for us to swallow at first. If we had believed one thing, it may be painful to let that belief go now that we have seen the truth.

This is the energy for this Gemini Full Moon, and it is likely we are are going to come to terms with a new truth that may be painful, welcoming, or a little bit of both.

Along with illuminating a new truth, this Full Moon is also going to be encouraging us to work with the energy of Gemini as we wrap up the year.

Gemini energy is about duality and is represented by the twins, or the ego and the soul. Gemini represents the light and the dark, the good and the bad. We all have these two sides of us, and they are necessary in order to make it through the world.

We cannot live in this realm without the ego and we cannot live without being connected to our soul. We have to learn to work with the two, and we have to know how to use each of these aspects in order to find our strength and create the life that we desire.

As we peel back the layers and step into a new year, it is going to be important for us to honor where we have come from and where we are heading. It is going to be important for us to acknowledge and give thanks and gratitude to the lessons of both our ego and our soul.

Gemini energy is also very expressive, creative, and communicative. It rules over the hands and may also inspire us to get more “hands-on” with certain areas of our lives.

We can use this energy to advantage by taking the time to journal, talk through issues with a friend, or express ourselves through a creative project.

In fact, if you are feeling heavy or out of sorts under the energy of November’s Full Moon, you may find these practices help to balance and keep you feeling centered.

November’s Full Moon is all about illumination and coming into a newfound sense of self. It is a powerful Full Moon that will help us to wrap up where we have been and to see a new potential before us.

We have been sailing rough seas, but now we see what is beneath us, the colors of the fish, the beautiful shapes of the coral. We see the truth, and we are no longer afraid. This new clarity that has been gifted to us allows us to move forward with strength, with courage, and with a new truth in our hearts.

We have been working hard, but now we see, now we know, and with this, all potential and new possibilities open up to us.

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