Intuitive Astrology: Pisces Season 2019

pisces season

On February 18-19th, the Sun will move into the 12th and last zodiac sign of Pisces.

Depicted by two fish swimming in opposite directions, this water sign represents the duality of life and the wholeness we experience when we have an understanding of both light and dark.

As the Sun has journeyed through each of the 11 zodiac signs so far, we have gained wisdom and moved through fears, we have loved and lost, we have cried and we have laughed, but each and every one of these events was only bringing us closer to wholeness.

Now, as we enter the final zodiac sign of Pisces, we are going to be able to put our journey into perspective, reflect on just how far we have come, and find a sense of completion.

Under this energy, we are going to see the rewards of our hard work and it will be important for all of us to celebrate and honor the road we have traveled.

As we wrap up this cycle, we are also going to be guided to let all the pains, burdens, and dead weight of the last 12 months go, so we can clear the way for the new cycle that will begin in March.

To do this however, we have to embrace the energy that Pisces offers and step into the flow and rhythm of life.

Under Pisces energy, we are going to be asked to step out of the busyness of our minds for just a moment, and instead enter the field of vibrations, feelings, and the non-tangible.

The world around us appears as solid, but really it is just a collection of ripples and waves. These ripples and waves hold energetic potentials and make up the melody of our Universe.

We are all creators on this journey; our thoughts, our beliefs, our vibration have the power to color and shape the reality we experience.

All we have to do is align with our melody, align with ourselves, and the rest will be taken care of. When we vibrate like this, everything that is perfect for us will naturally flow our way.

We have to listen to the Universe, listen for our song, and then allow this music to merge with our being.

We are not required to fight our way forward or seek control, instead we are required to surrender and to trust that whatever needs to be created, dissolved or completed will follow.

We have to silence our mind, we have to dance, to sing, to draw, to get creative, and to allow this flow of creativity to open us to the infinite possibilities that are always around us.

Under the Pisces Sun, we will find a new comfort, a new harmony in just being and allowing ourselves to flow like a piece of music.

Life is always sending challenges our way, that is the nature of life and what we are here to do. We are here to learn, and we must challenge ourselves in order to grow.

We do not need to struggle with or fight the challenges that have come our way. Instead, we need to accept them just as they are.

We need to raise our vibration, express gratitude, and appreciate that life is a constant journey of swimming into the light and into the dark.

In and out we flow, swimming through darkness, swimming through light. We can try and fight the current so we can always and forever be in the light, but this is not ever going to serve us.

Instead, we have to lay on our backs and float, trusting that there will be days where we are in the dark and days where we are in the light. No state is better or worse than the other, for they both have something to teach and something to explore.

Under the Pisces Sun, just float and trust that wherever you end up is where you need to be before the astrological new year begins.

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