Intuitive Astrology: Sagittarius Full Moon May 2024

sagittarius full moon astrology 2024

The Sagittarius Full Moon arrives on May 23rd, bringing waves of adventure, fun, and play! Rarely do we get a Full Moon that encourages us to seek joy, to not take things so seriously, and to remember that life is a rich experience of every emotion.

Under the Sagittarius Full Moon, we are likely to find it easier to welcome in an abundant mindset and to feel optimistic about the future. Where previously we may have seen closed doors or roadblocks, this Full Moon shines a light, allowing us to see a new way forward.

To harness the energy of this Full Moon, gratitude will be our key. The more we focus on all the gifts and abundance around us, the more we can celebrate where we are today and feel at peace with our current situation, the more benefits we will feel from this Full Moon.

The Sagittarius Full Moon and Making Joy our Intention

Use this Full Moon as your reminder to seek joy, to celebrate all that makes you feel good, and to bring some adventure and play into your life! Find ways to lighten up and to bring some fun into your life.

Trying new things, catching up with friends that make you feel good, doing something that ignites your passions, and just remembering that life isn’t all hard work are some great ways to attune to this energy.

Releasing shame around making joy our intention can also help. Sometimes, we can feel like hard work is necessary to feel productive or that we are making a difference. But sometimes, the best difference we can make to our own lives and the lives of others is to be in our joy and to seek joy.

See if you can use the energies of the Full Moon to make joy a priority and see how that begins to evolve and shift your life in a new direction.

The Sagittarius Full Moon Sabian Symbol

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is – “A little child learning to walk.” We often think of child learning to walk as being slow or even clumsy, and while this may be true, really it is brave. Children have to be determined, they have to believe in themselves, they have to know that they can even if they can’t quite manage it just yet.

A child learning to walk is a determined, courageous, and brave soul who is ready to take that step into new terrain and never give up until they get it right!

Perhaps there is something in your own life that makes you feel like a baby just taking its first steps. Perhaps there is a situation where you feel you are fumbling around, unsure of whether you are really heading in the right direction.

This Full Moon encourages us to proceed. It encourages us to find our bravery and courage to take those steps, to try something new, and to challenge what we believe about ourselves. We may have spent our entire lives crawling, but now is the time to step up to the next evolution of our destiny.

May’s Full Moon offers all of us an upgrade if we are ready to take the leap. We may find that an opportunity comes our way, or perhaps something from our past finally reaches a culmination point. There is some Universal luck on our side, sending signals to magnify our intentions.

The Sagittarius Full Moon and the Planet of Dreams

Neptune, the planet of dreams, is active under this Full Moon, giving us a wave of support when it comes to making our own dreams come true. Dare to dream big; dare to reach higher and allow the light of the Full Moon to guide your way.

Neptune is also a very creative planet, so creative projects, in particular, will be supported. We may also feel a surge of creative energy, allowing us to think and feel differently about the world around us.

Whenever Neptune’s energy is strong, it is usually the Universe’s way of reminding us to trust our instincts. Our intuition can be heightened under Neptune’s spell, so if there is something you need to close the door on or release from your life especially, listen to your intuition.

Neptune will be guiding us to bring something to an end and the positive energies of the Full Moon will be our assurance that a new door will open.

Working with the Energy of the May 2024 Full Moon

Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. If you want to soak up the abundant vibrations of this Full Moon you have to put yourself in an abundant mindset, and the fastest way to do that is gratitude. By being grateful for everything you have, it allows you to lift your vibration and see things from a more positive mindset.

If you are going through struggles, see if you can break out of the funk by taking a break and making time for pleasure. Make pleasure and joy your intention, and see how that helps to shift things.

There is also some courageous and brave energy on offer under the Sagittarius Full Moon too, encouraging us to level up and make it to that next step. Like a baby learning to walk, things can feel scary and uncertain at first, but if we believe in ourselves, we will eventually figure our way forward.

Full Moons are a good point in the month to bring closure or culmination to something. Neptune will be guiding us to trust our intuition, we may not have all the facts but we don’t need them when Neptune is involved. We just need to trust our inner voice.

Your Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual and Reading is coming soon.

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