Intuitive Astrology: Saturn and Pluto Retrograde April-September 2018

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Both Saturn and Pluto shift into retrograde from April to September 2018, in the earth sign of Capricorn.

In astrology, Saturn and Pluto deliver us some of the toughest but most rewarding lessons, and are huge instigators of growth and transformation.

Under this retrograde cycle, Saturn and Pluto will be working closely together seeing as they are both in the same zodiac sign.

This ultra potent combo of planetary energy is set to bring some huge transformative shifts, especially around 2019-2020, but it’s likely we are all going to start feeling these stirrings during this retrograde period.

While in retrograde, Saturn is going to be helping us to look over things since December 2017. Whatever lessons Saturn has brought into our lives since then may be up for review or reflection.

Saturn is always helping us to create boundaries, get grounded, and take responsibility for ourselves and our lives.

Saturn encourages us to assess and take practical steps when it comes to going after what we want and making the changes that we desire.

Sometimes Saturn can also impose boundaries or create feelings of stagnation in our lives, but this is just so we can review what is no longer working and what needs to be cleared.

Saturn is all about making commitments to yourself and to the life that you truly desire, so think back since December and reflect and celebrate any commitments you have made in these areas.

During this retrograde cycle, Saturn will also be guiding us to look over any lessons or challenges that have occurred over the last few months. We may have to tweak a few things, or we may find a new meaning or a new way of dealing with things.

Saturn retrograde always brings a healing energy, so this would also be the perfect time to clear and release any wounds that may have been blocking you or causing you to shy away from making commitments or taking responsibility for your life.

Pluto retrograde will also be touching on these themes but in a slightly different way. While Saturn encourages us to step up and take responsibility for things, Pluto encourages us to dig deeper so we can truly understand things.

Pluto is always guiding us to peel back the layers and keep digging so we can find a new truth and reach higher levels of consciousness. Pluto is also the planet of divine love, death, and rebirth.

While in retrograde, Pluto will be inviting us to go over any “deaths” we have experienced since April 2017. These deaths can be of a person, a job situation, an attitude, a relationship, a belief system and so on.

Whenever the energy of death enters our lives, there is always an opportunity to rebuild and replenish as well.

Whatever has decayed will eventually give way to new life and a new opportunity, and this energy will start to become more apparent under this retrograde energy.

This is the perfect time to rebuild an area of your life or rebirth yourself in some way. This is also the perfect time to accept any losses that have come your way and to look at them as new opportunities.

Whenever there is a loss, there is always a chance to rewrite things and to rebuild things into an even better direction. There is always the chance to see the beauty in what has passed and to honor the cycles of life.

Life is simply a series of death and rebirth moments and just like the trees shed their leaves, or the sun sets at the end of each day, we too have to shed things from our lives from time to time.

These shedding moments are always painful as they often cause us to peel back a new layer and visit a new realm of consciousness, but now under this retrograde energy, we will all be given a chance to rebirth ourselves.

Both Saturn and Pluto retrograding together is going to set the tone for the middle of 2018. We may feel a tendency towards introspection and we may also find ourselves seeking a new understanding to what has transpired in our lives so far.

Saturn and Pluto retrograding together will also help to increase our awareness and heighten our feelings of empathy and intuition.

Now is the perfect time to enter reflection mode and to celebrate the journey you have traveled so far.

Now is the perfect time to honor yourself and to remind yourself that no matter what has come your way over the last few months, that there is beauty in all things, as long as you are willing to find it.

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