Intuitive Astrology: Saturn Direct September 2018

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Saturn has been moving through it’s home constellation of Capricorn since December 2017. Whenever a planet is in its home constellation, it is able to express its powers to the fullest and we are able to receive the benefits and lessons with greater clarity.

Saturn will continue to tour through Capricorn until 2020, but will go direct on September 6th, 2018 after being retrograde since April.

Saturn spends a lot of time in retrograde, so this is an energy we are quite familiar with, however these transition points in and out of retrograde can be quite impactful.

As Saturn begins moving direct again in the first part of September, we are going to feel a push forward. After experiencing many retrogrades over the last few months, Saturn moving direct again is going to help us find our feet so we can forge ahead.

One of the main themes of this Saturn transition is learning to manage our finances and our health.

Saturn is all about taking responsibility, but right now Saturn wants us to pay attention to how we are taking care of our health and finances.


Saturn is asking us to take responsibility for our mind, body, and soul. Saturn is asking us to get check-ups, to get tested, and to pay attention to any nagging health concerns.

Now would be the time to do that annual physical, or schedule in that acupuncture session you have been meaning to try. Now is the time to take charge of your health.

Having an illness, especially a chronic one can be extremely debilitating on both a physical and an emotional level, but focusing on what is in your control and taking the reigns can help you to claim your power back.

While you can work with medical professionals and trust their advice, it also pays to do your own research and to stand up for yourself if you feel something is not quite right.

Becoming an advocate for your own health is so important, and this is one of the key lessons that Saturn has for us as it begins shifting direct again this September.

This energy will last from now till December, so schedule those checkups, start that fitness routine, and take the steps you need to take charge of your health.


Saturn is also asking for us to take responsibility for our financial situation. This is especially important if you have mounting debts or if you leave your finances to someone else to manage.

Now is the time to do a little research and ensure that your financial situation is on track. It is also the perfect time to begin understanding your finances better and what is coming in and going out.

Opening a savings or retirement account is also very beneficial right now and will help you to feel safer and securer about your future.

Money is like energy. If you find yourself spending too freely or hoarding your money, you may have to think about what is going on from an energetic point of view.

Sometimes we overspend to fill a void, or because deep down we feel that we need to surround ourselves with more in order to be respected or to boost our confidence.

Overspending can also be a sign of anxiety and a need to buy in order to be “safe” and to feel assured that you always have enough.

Just the same, hoarding wealth can also be a sign of insecurity, and a build up of fear that you may lose everything you have worked to achieve.

Learning to be good with money is about learning to lead a balanced lifestyle. It is about learning when to say yes and when to hold back. It is about learning how to be responsible for the energy you give away and the energy you receive.

As Saturn moves direct this September, we are going to be called to ensure that we are taking proper measures to ensure our financial future. We are going to be called to get better at managing money and what we are choosing to spend.

Saturn in Capricorn favors the minimalist lifestyle, and this wisdom of living is something we can all learn from.

Buying less is not only better for our wallets and mental health, it is also better for the environment.

Look around at all the clutter in your cupboards, that was once all money. Are you happy with what your money has turned into?

This energy will also be present from now till December, so use the next few months to clear the clutter, sell and donate off things you no longer need, get a payment plan in place for any debts, and open a savings account.

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