Intuitive Astrology: Scorpio Season 2021

scorpio season astrology 2021

On October 22/23, 2021, the Sun moves from the tropical zodiac of Libra into the tropical zodiac of Scorpio. 

As Scorpio Season begins, we may feel the energy of transformation and change on the rise. 

Scorpio itself is a sign that represents transformation and metamorphosis, but in 2021, it also brings the opening of Eclipse Season. 

Eclipses are always potent portals of transformation and represent a shift or quantum leap in our level of consciousness. 

Life tends to take on a different tune when we are moving through Eclipse Season, and this energy may be something we feel as the Sun enters this water sign in mid-October. 

Scorpio is one of the few signs that is actually represented by three different symbols- the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix. 

Each of these symbols represents a progression in consciousness or a shift as we work through its different energetic levels. 

On the base level, Scorpio is ruled by the qualities of the Scorpion. The Scorpion is a small, yet powerful creature. It sheds its skin every so often, undergoing a metamorphosis, and is equipped with a sharp tail, which if it’s not careful with, has the ability to sting not only predators but also itself. 

The Scorpion is powerful and a totem of death and rebirth in many cultures, but it doesn’t quite have the same vantage point as the Eagle. 

Scorpio energy shifts into the Eagle when its awareness starts to grow – when it starts to become interested in seeing things from a bigger picture perspective.

Rather than seeing things from a narrow viewpoint, a new perspective has started to emerge.

As the Eagle, Scorpio energy can see things from up high. The Eagle is still very protective and defensive of its territory, but as it continues to grow in awareness, it starts to see things from a more spiritual point of view.

This is where the final transformation of Scorpio energy takes place, from Eagle to Phoenix. 

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that is birthed from the ashes of chaos and destruction. This birth represents the rising of the new from the old, and the ability to take the wounds and traumas of the past and turn them into something of strength and beauty.

The Phoenix is a mysterious creature, but it is wise and represents one of the highest evolutions of consciousness of Scorpio energy.

It is the awareness of the Phoenix that all things transform, that death follows life and life follows death. 

This metamorphosis journey of Scorpio energy is something we can all embrace during this season regardless of our own personal zodiac sign. 

As we journey through Scorpio Season 2021, here are the key dates to observe- 

Scorpio Season Astrology 2021

October 22/23- Scorpio Season

The Sun shifts into the watery sign of Scorpio on the 22nd or 23rd, depending on your timezone. Scorpio Season is a good time to focus on making transformative changes in your life, exploring your psychology or mental health, and strengthening your intuition through tools of divination.

October 31- Halloween/Cross-Quarter Day/ Rising of the Pleiades

Halloween, which gets its roots from the pagan festival of Samhain is a time to honor the process of death and rebirth. Samhain is also known as Cross-Quarter Day, which is the observed midway point between the Equinox and the upcoming Solstice. At this time of year in the eastern sky, the Pleiades star system also begins rising. The rising of the Pleiades is something our ancestors observed as a time to honor the cycles of death and rebirth in our own lives and to pay tribute to loved ones passed. Read more on the spiritual significance of the Pleiades and Halloween.

November 1- Numerology

Today unlocks the numerology code of 111, as it’s the 1st day of the 11th month. 111 is an angel number, indicating new beginnings, positive energy, and that your angels and spirit guides are near. If you see 111 regularly, it can indicate that you are getting ready to start a new chapter of your life that is more aligned with the destiny of your soul. 111 is also a protective number, and can indicate that you are divinely looked after as you journey through this current chapter of your life.

November 2- Mercury Leaves Shadow Period

Mercury ended its last retrograde for 2021 on October 18, but it is on this day that it finally regains its former strength and speed. This should bring a burst of fresh energy, especially around matters relating to communication, technology, and contracts. If you want to stay up to date with the cycles of Mercury, get your Moon Calendar for 2022- it includes all the major retrograde dates throughout the year. Plus, if you want to work more intimately with the energies of Mercury, check out the Mercury Rx & Dreams course here.

November 4- Scorpio Super New Moon

At the time of this New Moon, we have a lot of watery energy flowing through our cosmic skies. Watery energy is soft, intuitive, and encourages us to go with the flow. While this is beautiful energy to work with, there is another dynamic brewing that may cause us to feel stagnant or even fixated or obsessive about a situation. Stagnant water eventually becomes contaminated, so this is a good analogy to remember under this New Moon. Don’t be too stubborn or rigid in your thinking, allow yourself to flow like water. More to come on the New Moon soon!

November 5- Venus in Capricorn

Venus was in Capricorn earlier in the year, but it has now returned for a longer stay. Venus will have an extra-long stay in Capricorn (until March 2022) due to its upcoming retrograde on December 19th. Pay attention to any themes around your relationships and finances that are brewing now and over the coming weeks, as it’s likely these will hold clues as to what this upcoming Venus retrograde will bring. You can also look back to the last time Venus was in retrograde, which was October-November 2018, to see what themes you may be building upon. More to come on Venus Retrograde soon!

November 11- 1111 Numerology

Happy 11/11! 1111 is one of the most powerful number codes, indicating awakening, spiritual advancements, and that your angels are near. If you see 1111 regularly, it can indicate that you are heading in the right direction or about to take a big leap in consciousness. It can also indicate that you are in alignment with where you need to be at this time in your life. You can read more on 11/11 here

November 19- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Taurus 

The big event of Scorpio Season is the Partial Lunar Eclipse, which falls in the sign of Taurus. This is the first Taurus Eclipse we have had since 2014, and creates a new cycle that we will start to feel more intimately come 2022. Lunar Eclipses represent portals of closure, culmination, and endings. Think of them as supercharged Full Moons that have the ability to amplify whatever is going on in our lives that we need to release, address, and let go of. Emotions can be high on an Eclipse, and we can periodically find our lives turned upside down. Know that Eclipses tend to speed up the passage of time and can even bring fated events. No matter what is happening, we are likely to find that events stirred around an Eclipse help to shift and upgrade our lives in the long run, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. Saturn and Mars are both active on this Eclipse, and can stir some volatility, causing simmering tensions to boil over. A big release of pent-up energy on a global level is possible. More to come on this Eclipse, so stay tuned!

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