Intuitive Astrology: Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse October 2023

taurus full moon lunar eclipse october 2023 astrology

The Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls on October 28, 2023. Eclipses are always a highly transformative time. They bring wobbly energy that can unsettle our spirit and stir our emotions. Eclipses heighten the energy around us, thinning the veil, and getting us to see things we didn’t notice before.

Here are the key messages this Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 28 brings.

A Timeline is Completed

Take a moment to cast your mind back to November 2021. What themes were going on for you at that time? What situations or energies were you dealing with in your life?

Chances are, whatever was manifesting for you has likely come full circle. Chances are, that whatever lessons or journey has been operating in your life since that time has now reached a culmination point under the Taurus Full Moon Eclipse.

Perhaps if you look back, you will see it. Perhaps if you look back, you will notice how far you have traveled since this time. I hope no matter where you stand today, you can be proud of the person you have become and proud of the journey you have traveled.

The Transformative Magic of Eclipses

Eclipses are always helping us to shed the layers, to step into more of our authentic self, and to realign with our soul path. You can think of them as leaping points where we can step into a higher consciousness and reach a new chapter of our soul’s evolution.

As this Taurus Eclipse is the last in a cycle, it does hold incredible power for endings. If there is something you wish to end, something you wish to bring to a close, the weeks surrounding this Eclipse are a great time to take action.

Use the energies of the Eclipse to close doors and say goodbye to all that is no longer serving your soul. While we may wish to control this process, Eclipses tend to work in mysterious ways, guiding us to where we need to be.

While you may have requests of what you wish to be free of, let the Eclipse also work its magic. Let it reveal to you all there is to see. The final pieces of the puzzle will be put into place, so allow them to fall where they may.

Journey to the Underworld

Pluto, the planet known as the Lord of the Underworld, is very active under this Full Moon Eclipse. Pluto is also the natural ruler of Scorpio, so seeing as it is Scorpio Season, its energy will be pronounced.

Pluto, and the sign of Scorpio, is also synonymous with the themes of death and rebirth. At this time of year too, the Pleiades, a star constellation linked to death and rebirth also aligns high in the sky.

There is a strong theme here of death and rebirth. There is a strong theme given to us by the Lord of the Underworld, as he takes us on this journey of renewal and transformation.

We may have to confront some shadows or peek into corners we may not have dared to before. We may find ourselves unearthing things that are uncomfortable. What was once hidden may now step into the light.

The Lord of the Underworld is comfortable in the shadows because he owns them. He acknowledges them. He has made peace with all that he has found there.

Under this Taurus Full Moon Eclipse, we may find ourselves doing the same. We may find ourselves making peace with all that has come up for us, not just in the present, but from our past too. Remember, this Eclipse energy brings us all the way back to November 2021, so all of the space we have filled from this time is ready to be made peace with.

Heated Energy Rises

With Pluto active, we may experience power struggles; we may even witness power struggles taking place in the world around us. Mars and Mercury are also moving together, creating the impetus for fiery conversations, harsh words, and perhaps speaking before thinking.

There is a heated energy under this Eclipse that could see things turning into a fiery exchange. We may have to be careful what we say and how we approach others. Sensitivities will be high, so we may have to be extra delicate under this energy.

As the Eclipse energies are a bit volatile, we may find comfort in taking time for rest and restoration. Practices like journalling, meditation, and self-discovery work will all be favored. If you need to have a difficult conversation or wade through some conflict, try to keep your nervous system in check. Observe if you are going into fight, flight, or freeze, as sometimes just being aware and observing when you move into one of these states can help calm your being.

We all struggle with conflict in our own ways, so be gentle with yourself if you need to have a difficult conversation. We won’t always get it perfect or say the right thing, but just showing up and being as authentic and calm as we can be is a feat in itself!

Expand Your Mind, Expand your Vision, Open your Heart

Jupiter is another planet active under this Eclipse. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so whatever is going on for us may feel magnified under this energy. Things may seem bigger or more important than it needs to be, or we may blow things out of proportion more easily.

While we can overreact with Jupiter in the mix, its energy also allows us to see things from a higher perspective. When we look at things from this perspective, our mind can also expand, helping us to realize things we didn’t before.

Jupiter is also the planet of abundance, and Taurus is also the sign connected to abundance, so this vibration is also on offer under the Eclipse. Welcome the idea of expansion, opportunity, and abundance with this Eclipse, even if something does fall away. Recognize that new space is being created, space that can be more fertile for new inspirations, new ideas, and new possibilities.

Overall, there is a strong mix of potent energies in the air under this Eclipse. The end of October is destined to be a powerful time. Endings will happen. New beginnings will slowly emerge. Transformation will unfold. We may feel rattled, but the future is bright.

The Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse cycle is completed, a graduation point has emerged, we are all at a new stage of our evolution, we have all grown, all lept, and all found ourselves in a higher state of consciousness than we were before.

Your Taurus Lunar Eclipse Ritual and Reading is coming soon.

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