Intuitive Astrology: Taurus New Moon May 2021

taurus new moon may 2021

The Taurus New Moon on May 11/12, 2021 opens the doorway to Eclipse Season.

Eclipse season is a time of change and transformation. It is a time where the Universe presents an opportunity to make a quantum jump onto a higher path for our soul evolution.

While this Taurus New Moon itself is not an Eclipse, it does kickstart a new lunar cycle that will lead us to the ultra-potent, Full Blood Moon Eclipse on May 26.

New Moons are a time of new beginnings and represent a fresh start. While some New Moons are highly active and love for us to run with their fresh new energy, some are more passive, and require us to retreat and reflect on where we are at.

This Taurus New Moon is definitely one that calls for us to retreat. Any new energy that it brings is energy we should use to restore and recharge our batteries.

This is a time for self-care, to retreat and reflect, and to allow the energies to flow where they may, rather than trying to direct or control them.

As Taurus is an earth sign, the energies of this May 2021 New Moon also serve to ground us and root us into our body.

We may begin to feel the changing pull of the Eclipse energy rolling in, but with our feet firmly planted in the soil, we can feel steady and ready for whatever finds us.

Black Moon Lilith (BML) is highly active at the time of this New Moon. BML is a raw, feminine energy that reminds us to stand in our power and to recognize the full potential of our being.

It can remind us to stand up for ourselves, to speak with the voice of our true, authentic self, and to withstand situations that are uncomfortable but also necessary to journey through.

BML also represents the void and the darkness that falls before change or transformation occurs. Even though the dark void can feel intimidating, this energy can give us the confidence we need to stand in our power and to remember that the light will always return.

Sometimes it is necessary to wade through the dark void in order to allow the energies of transformation to flow. Think of this like the dark cocoon. The caterpillar has to retreat into the darkness in order to undergo its destined rebirth into a butterfly.

If you feel the call, allow yourself to retreat into the quiet darkness. While we can think of darkness as being something to be feared, it really holds a creative and peaceful quality that we can use to restore, recharge, and receive deeper insights about our journey forward.

Darkness allows us to step away from the distractions of the outside world and go within so we can hear the quiet, still voice of our intuition.

It is in the darkness that we can dream, create, imagine, and seek wisdom from our higher selves.

As the ruler of Taurus, Venus is also a planet to watch at the time of this New Moon. Even though it is softer in its expression, Venus, like BML carries a feminine energy.

Feminine energy goes beyond gender, and is more about joining the flow and allowing ourselves to embrace the creative, intuitive, and less practical sides of our being.

If masculine energy is straight lines, feminine energy is curvy, wavy lines. Imagine these curvy strands of energy floating through the cosmos, mingling with our own cosmic beings, and helping to shift and move us in new directions.

While this may sound passive, it is more about allowing your inner compass to guide you, rather than being caught up in the ego or in the opinions of others.

Overall, the May Taurus New Moon is a chance to ground our energy, to recharge our batteries, and to welcome the creative energies of change.

It is our opportunity to go within and listen to the quiet, still voice of our heart. It is our opportunity to trust the wisdom and intuition of our own body. It is also a time to welcome the creative, wavy currents of energy that allow us to evolve and embrace any change with grace and ease.

Welcome these energies in any way that fits. Know you are being supported to both ground yourself and move with the flow.

Your Taurus New Moon Ritual for May 2021 is here

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