Intuitive Astrology: Taurus New Moon May 2024

taurus new moon astrology 2024

After the transformative waves of Eclipse Season, the Taurus New Moon on May 7th, anchors us into a place of nourishing stability.

We may feel the rising importance to slow down, ground our energy, and make time for stillness. Much may have changed and much may be in flux, but the welcoming energies of the New Moon guide us to rest, recharge, and find our center.

The Taurus New Moon and the Cycle of Nourishment

Taurus is the sign of the Bull. The Bull is nourished by the grass that it grazes on and in return, the Bull nourishes and feeds the soil with its manure. When things are in balance, this cycle of nourishment occurs, and everyone is able to get what they need.

When there is imbalance however, this is when the Bull feels insecure, angry, and even aggressive. Many people attribute Taurus to being a sign that is adverse to change, but really, it is more about this upset to the flow of nourishment. When the cycle is not flowing in harmony, that is when we see the more stubborn and rigid sides of its personality.

We can take this messaging into our own lives under the Taurus New Moon. How can we create a cycle of nourishment in our own lives? How can we bring balance to the flow of giving and receiving?

In this modern world, it is very easy to feel that our needs are not being met and that we are not being heard or fulfilled. It is very easy to feel the imbalances in this cycle of nourishment that nature seems to have figured out.

It is not easy, and for some of us, balance may feel impossible right now, but the Taurus New Moon is supporting us to take some steps.

And for most of us, our first step will be returning to the self. When we get still and listen to our own inner wisdom, when we start giving ourselves what we need, that is when synergy starts to flow. Creating this harmony really begins with us and our inner state of being.

The Taurus New Moon and the Planet of the Unexpected

Uranus, the planet of surprises, awakening, and sudden change, is very active under the Taurus New Moon. Its energy can create some upheaval that may be hard to navigate, or that may create a feeling of instability.

The thing with Uranus, is that it wants us to go with the flow. It wants us to get out of rigid structure and routine and to embrace something new. While this is not always comfortable, there is always something to learn when the wildcard energy of Uranus graces our lives.

If something unexpected arises under the Taurus New Moon, see if you can embrace the flow and allow yourself to be led, rather than trying to control. See if you can come back to yourself and focus on what you need to feel nourished. When we do this from a place of authentic truth, the cycle of nourishment begins to flow.

The Taurus New Moon and the Planet of Abundance

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance will also be floating close to this New Moon too, activating the energies of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction that we had a few weeks back.

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction represented the beginning of a new, 14-year cycle. You can read more about this cycle here, but essentially, this is a time when we are all being encouraged to step into a new way of being. Jupiter and Uranus coming together is our signal that it’s time to ditch the old ways and embrace something new. It’s time to look to the future, and start shifting some of the ideals and values we have held.

Whatever surprising or unexpected events manifested for you at the end of April may rise up once more under the Taurus New Moon. More information or more to the story may come to the surface. You may even feel just more directed and guided with where you are heading.

The Taurus New Moon and the Bull as your Spirit Guide

While there is some wobbly energy attached to this New Moon, overall it is a beautiful reminder in our month to slow down and bring our focus back to nourishment. How can we nourish ourselves from the inside out? How can we then allow this nourishment to flow to others in a synergistic way?

If you need some guidance, return to the symbol of the Bull. It will be our guide not just under the May New Moon, but all the way through Taurus Season.

The Bull is a majestic creature that is believed to appear as a sign from the Universe that you are not alone in carrying your burdens. The strong, powerful Bull is a sign that the Universe is holding you, supporting you, and giving you strength as you journey on.

Hold this message close under the Taurus New Moon. Use your own Bull-like strength to navigate the path ahead and trust that the Bull is also supporting you.

Your Taurus New Moon Ritual is here.

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