Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter Uranus Conjunction 2024

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Jupiter and Uranus come together for a rare and fated conjunction on April 20th, 2024. While this day represents the peak of the conjunction, this is a long-running energy that has been humming in the background of our cosmic skies since the end of 2023. We will also continue to work with this energy into the month of May before it fades into the background.

Jupiter and Uranus come together every 14 years, and this time they will join at 21 degrees of Taurus. The last time they came together in Taurus was in 1941, so this is a very rare energy to work with.

Jupiter and Uranus last came together in 2010 where they danced a rare dance between Pisces and Aries. This period lasted an unusually long time from May- October 2010. It is always worthwhile going back to see what themes were unfolding in your life around these months. It’s not that the same things will happen again, but it may help give you an idea of the type of energy that is unfolding.

Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion Meets Uranus, the Planet of Innovation

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, success, and fortune. It is considered the lucky planet and casts a silver lining on everything in its path. Jupiter can also help us focus on the bigger picture and get excited for the future.

Uranus is the planet of innovation, change, and awakening. It is also considered the planet of the future and rules over things like technology and advancements that can lead us into a new revolution. On a more personal level, Uranus helps us to evoke feelings of freedom and authenticity. It encourages us to break the rules, release societal norms, and think for ourselves.

As Jupiter is the planet of expansion, as it meets with Uranus, it is going to expand all of these Uranian qualities, guiding us to step into more of our authentic selves and to think differently about the world around us. The union of these two planets may also bring advancements for the future, especially in the realm of technology.

Jupiter and Uranus Meeting in Taurus 2024

Jupiter and Uranus coming together in Taurus also gives as more clues as to what themes we may see. Taurus rules over money, farming, and the environment so these are all areas that may be on display under this transit.

We may see some new innovations when it comes to farming or our food supply. Technology and finances may merge in greater ways, and a spotlight may be shone on the state of our environment.

While all of these effects will kick into gear under the April 20th transit, we can think of this time as the planting of the seed. This means, we may have to wait till things have grown before we can really see how this conjunction is operating.

2031 is actually when Jupiter and Uranus will move into opposition with each other, and it is generally at this time that we start to get a clearer idea of how this transit has shaped our lives.

What the Jupiter Uranus Conjunction Means for You

On a more intimate level, Jupiter and Uranus encourage us to begin changing our thoughts about success and fortune.

In Western cultures, we tend to associate our purpose and our success with our career path. However, this idea or value is slowly beginning to change. Why should we associate our purpose with working? While our career plays a huge part of our lives, the value we put on it as a society is shifting, and perhaps this is something that will become clearer as Jupiter and Uranus come together.

Uranus wants us to break free from societal norms and doing things just because everyone else does. Uranus wants us to think for ourselves and to follow our own true authentic calling. Uranus reminds us that we are on our own unique journeys and our own unique timelines and we don’t have to match up to what society tells us.

As the lucky planet, Jupiter can definitely sprinkle its magical influence, but chances are we will feel the luck from doing something we don’t usually do, in other words, embracing some of this maverick Uranus energy.

Uranus can take us by surprise, so we may receive some unexpected news around this time or perhaps surprise ourselves in how we feel or think about something. If we allow ourselves, we can open our minds and hearts to change and see things from a fresh perspective.

Because Uranus can be a scattered, erratic energy, we may feel a little unstable or on rocky ground under this alignment. Strong Uranus energy has also been linked to seismic activity, so we may literally feel the earth shaking beneath us!

Whether we feel it straight away, or it takes several years for us to dawn on it, the Jupiter Uranus conjunction is going to change us. It is going to shift the way we operate as a society and change our values.

We are creating a new path forward, and that’s what Jupiter and Uranus are calling for us to do.

Jupiter and Uranus Joining at the White Dove Degree

It is also interesting to note that Jupiter and Uranus are coming together at 21 degrees of Taurus which is known as the “white dove degree.”

This degree of the cosmic skies indicates protection and a positive messenger. It is our reminder that our spirit guides and angels are always looking out for us, even if it doesn’t feel like it. It is easy to ignore the white dove when things are bad, but when we look for that Universal support, when we trust that our angels and guides are watching out for us, we can step into a place of receiving.

Always be looking for your white dove and know it is there, watching out for you.

Feel free to share how the Jupiter Uranus conjunction is manifesting for you in the comments below!

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