Intuitive Astrology: Taurus Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 2021

taurus lunar eclipse november 2021

All through November, the heart energy of the planet is on the rise. This is a month to align our heartbeat with the heartbeat of the Earth. We can do this by spending time in nature, listening to our own heart, embracing any heart awakenings that arise, and working with the energies of the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Eclipses represent portals of transformation and awakening. They tend to bring fated events into our lives that help to elevate the evolution and growth of our soul.

These transformations and awakenings may be quick and sudden, or they may be slow and linger for the weeks and months to come.

Eclipses are powerful and can set things into motion for us. They tend to help us cut the cord, take a leap of faith, and awaken us to new insights.

The Taurus Partial Lunar Eclipse on November 19, is the first Taurus Eclipse we have experienced since 2014. It represents the starting point of a new Eclipse cycle which we will see unfold over the months to come.

Eclipses tend to come in pairs, falling in the two opposite signs of the zodiac. This Taurus Eclipse will be partnered with the Scorpio Eclipses, which we will experience through 2022.

As this Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse cycle is just beginning to kick off in our cosmic skies, whatever manifests around the time of this November Eclipse is likely to only be part of the story. It may take time and more of these Eclipses for us to really understand what soul growth we are venturing through.

For clues on what this new Eclipse cycle may bring into your life, think back to what soul growth you underwent from 2013-2014, which was the last time we experienced this Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse cycle.

How did you evolve during this time period?

Think about the changes that graced your life during this time and how you were able to integrate them into your life and into your being.

It may be tricky to think that far back, so perhaps start keeping a journal from now over the course of this Eclipse cycle. Record what themes, patterns, and events are unfolding for you under these Eclipses and then you will have something to look back on as the years go by.

On a collective level, this November Eclipse may highlight the relationships in our lives. This includes our relationship with others, but also our relationship with ourselves and with money.

Venus is very active at the time of this Eclipse as it is the natural ruler of Taurus. Venus rules over all matters of the heart, love, and our finances. Venus also rules over what we value and what we find worthy, so all of these themes have the potential to rise to the surface at this time.

If we have been treading on rocky ground with a certain relationship in our lives, we may find that this Eclipse brings things to a head. As this is a Lunar Eclipse, it is very possible that whatever has been on shaky ground may fall away.

We may also find that attitudes and beliefs that are blocking us from forming deeper and more intimate relationships with others and with ourselves fall away under the energy of this Eclipse.

In fact, this Eclipse is perfect for self-love work and for boosting our feelings of self-worth.

Where have you been too hard on yourself?

You are doing so much better than you think, so be kind to yourself. Remind yourself of all your triumphs and successes, love yourself through whatever has crossed your path, and be kind to yourself.

As you extend this love towards yourself, you may just find it easier to extend these same graces to others in your life too.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Eclipses tend to put us where we need to be, so trust in the flow. Try to keep your heart open to allowing whatever needs to come and whatever needs to go.

Embrace this Taurus Lunar Eclipse as an opportunity to awaken your heart to a deeper and richer love. Embrace this Eclipse energy and allow it to show you the way to the next chapter of your soul evolution.

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