Intuitive Astrology: Taurus Season 2022

taurus season astrology horoscope 2022

Since the beginning of March and especially as we entered Aries Season, there has been strong forward-moving momentum coursing through our cosmic skies, giving us the fire and inspiration to get things done, cross things off our to-do list, and launch new projects.

Now the energies are shifting as the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus on April 19-20. It is at this point that energy slows and we begin feeling our feet land on the ground after the hot and fiery sprint that Aries Season has offered.

Taurus Season is our time in the year to slow down, consolidate our schedule, and think about what we wish to really dedicate our time to.

While Aries Season inspires our impulses and passions, Taurus Season wants us to look at our long-term goals and hone in on what we really want to dedicate our time to.

This slower-paced energy that Taurus Season brings is likely to be welcome, especially if we are feeling a bit burnt out or zapped from all of our comings and goings.

Taurus is also the sign linked with pleasure, so under the Taurus Sun, we are each getting an opportunity to stop and smell the roses and make time for pleasure in our lives.

Rather than rushing ahead and using this strong momentum to get things done, we can now sit back, relax, and think of ways to conserve our resources and energy.

Taurus Season 2022 is extra special this year as it brings the start of Eclipse Season. There are two Eclipses, a New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 30, followed by a rare Blood Moon Eclipse on May 15th.

Eclipse Season is always a time of transformation in our lives. Their presence often brings change or powerful awakening moments that shift our course. It is always worthwhile remembering that Eclipses, while transformative, put us exactly where we need to be, even if it doesn’t feel that way at first.

After our spell of having zero planets in retrograde, Taurus Season brings us two- Pluto Retrograde on April 29th, and Mercury Retrograde on May 10th. Retrograde energy always creates a slowing effect in our cosmic skies as it guides us to reflect, review, and take our time before proceeding ahead.

Mercury Retrograde in particular, coupled with Eclipse Season can definitely send some funky waves through our cosmic skies, so definitely use the earthy, grounded, stabilizing energy of Taurus to your advantage.

If you begin to feel off-kelter, focus on creating a routine, taking small methodical steps, and preserving your energy for what is truly important. As Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, pampering self-care is also highly recommended.

Another big cosmic event for Taurus Season 2022 is the movement of Jupiter into Aries on May 10th. Jupiter moving into this fire sign signals a rise in innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors. It is a highly independent energy, that may see us shift away from relying on others, governments, or corporations.

One of the gifts and lessons that Taurus teaches us is owning our worth and acknowledging how valuable we truly are.

Taurus energy chants – you are worthy; you were born worthy; you need nothing outside of yourself to claim or own just how worthy you truly are. Stand in the power of these words. Acknowledge the value you bring to this world by simply being you.

Here are your horoscopes for Taurus Season 2022. Read for both your Sun and Rising Signs.


Taurus Season Horoscopes 2022


The Sun has just moved out of your sign, but you are still holding the attention of the cosmos as Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, moves into your sign on May 10th. While it will only stay for a short stint, returning again for a longer stay in 2023, this little taste of energy is going to be a rare treat and set you up for what’s to come. Jupiter entering your sign is a lucky omen and means you have the power of abundance and expansion on your side. This Taurus Season, think about what you wish to expand in your life. Taurus Season favors making methodical plans, so once you are clear on this, outline some steps and see where the road takes you.


Happy Birthday! As the Sun enters your sign you are able to soak up its warm rays, allowing inspiration and nourishment to flow. Our home planet is ruled by Taurus, so to really harness the beautiful energies of your Season, be sure to spend time exploring nature, soaking up the healing rays that Mother Earth has to offer. The New Moon Solar Eclipse at the end of April will be a strong cosmic force in your life and may begin stirring the winds of change. Don’t worry though, this change is likely to bring something you have been wanting or working towards for a long time. Solar Eclipses signify opportunity, so even though change may flow in, there are likely to be some golden opportunities on offer too – be ready to grab them! Keep your sights set high and stay open to what flows your way. Eclipses can often throw us for a loop and bring surprises our way, but they always put us where we need to be.


Your ruler Mercury, will enter retrograde during Taurus Season on May 10th, but it’s likely you will start feeling this energy brewing much sooner. As Mercury is your ruling sign, you tend to feel the effects of its retrograde stronger than most. To add to this, Mercury will also be starting its retrograde in your zodiac. Taurus Season is going to be a time for taking it slow and nourishing your mind. If your thoughts have been all over the place, this is your chance to get still, breathe, and quieten your mind. Avoid making big life-altering decisions under the Taurus Sun, as you may find that not all the information needed is presented to you just yet. With all of this foggy mental energy swimming about, it is actually a power time for working on your intuitive and psychic gifts. One of the easiest ways to begin with this is trusting your intuition and acknowledging when it shows up for you. You can also use the Taurus energies to ground and center yourself, making it easier to access the higher parts of your being.


The Eclipses are going to be heightening your sensitivity and increasing your intuition. During this time, it is important for you to protect your energy field and set boundaries. Taurus energy helps us to stand in our worth, so keep this in mind if you struggle to find your confidence when it comes to setting boundaries with others. You don’t have to feel guilty for saying no or yes if it’s what you really want! If you have a favorite crystal you like using, charge it up with an intention and keep it by your side for energetic support and protection. There are also cosmic energies on your side that support owning your feminine power thanks to the presence of the Goddess Asteroid, Lilith in your sign. You don’t have to be soft, nurturing, and agreeable all the time. Stand in your power, own what you want, and don’t be afraid to make moves.


Taurus Season is likely to be quite the adventure for you! Some days may flow with ease but others may feel like an uphill battle. Because of this back and forth, you are going to have to be extra considerate when it comes to managing your energy levels and practicing self-care. The energy of Taurus Season is also a good time to turn your attention to your finances. If you have a big financial project or financial issue that needs addressing, be sure to get organized and follow any rules and regulations. Saturn is watching from across the cosmic skies, and will be following up if anything is out of line! If you have been mistreated by someone or the financial issue you are going through is due to someone else’s wrongful actions, know that Saturn will be on your side and send waves your way to help make things right. Staying in gratitude will be your superpower at this time, so if you are feeling off or depleted, bring your attention back to all you feel grateful for.


As a fellow earth sign, you will flourish under these energies. This is your opportunity to create some structure and routine. When things flow in a methodical way, it can be soothing to your soul, so be sure to create that for yourself under the Taurus Sun. The New Moon Solar Eclipse at the end of April is going to be one to watch. It may bring an exciting new opportunity or perhaps even an ah-ha moment that helps you to awaken to a new possibility or way of thinking. Follow your intuition when it comes to taking action, and keep in mind that your ruler, Mercury will enter retrograde shortly after this Eclipse, blurring facts and making things feel a bit foggy. Don’t worry too much about this though, your intuition is naturally strong and supercharged, particularly at Eclipse time, so trust that you will know which way to go.


You have strong creative energies on your side under the Taurus Sun. If you have any creative inspirations they are likely to become moments of genius! So follow through on them. Taurus Season is also your opportunity to create a little more structure and routine in your day to day. If you have been feeling scattered or pulled in many directions, use this energy to focus on how you can create more stability in your life. You may also need to use this energy to create more stability when it comes to your emotions too, particularly around the Blood Moon Eclipse on May 15. This is likely to be a highly charged time for you, so be gentle with yourself, flow with compassion, and trust the way the tides turn. While Eclipses can bring challenging events, they always put us exactly where we need to be.


Taurus is the sign that rests opposite you on the zodiac wheel, so you will always be in sync with its energies. The Blood Moon Eclipse on May 15, falls in your sign of Scorpio so that will be the big event for you this season. Blood Moon Eclipses are harbingers of change and transformation, and as it falls in your sign, you are likely to feel the brunt of this energy. As a Scorpio Sun or Rising, you are very connected with the alchemy of transformation already. Transformation is part of who you are, and it’s likely that you are forever moving through different stages and waves of consciousness throughout your life. You are a natural when it comes to these energies so trust in that. Know that Eclipses always put us where we need to be, and often signal quantum jumps in our lives where we are able to level up and reach the next chapter of our evolution. Under the Taurus Sun, focus on self-care and making time for pleasure. Connect with your centers of pleasure and allow yourself to feel the divinity and creative inspiration that flows when you do.


This is your chance to address the nagging things in your life that you have been sweeping under the rug, procrastinating on, or ignoring. Even though this may seem challenging (or even a bit boring!) the cosmic skies are helping you to get things in order and to take responsibility for all that needs to be completed. If you need it, don’t be afraid to hire help or to ask others for advice and counsel, even though you do have to take the time to get organized and get things done, there is nothing wrong with seeking support! By taking responsibility and being mature about all that needs to be dealt with, you will save yourself much hassle in the future. You can also use this energy to create more routine and structure in your day-to-day. If money issues are at the forefront of your mind, this energy may also bring solutions. Focus your attention on abundant thinking, rather than thoughts of scarcity or limitation. Abundant energy is on your side, so know it is there, all you have to do is align your vibration with it.


As a fellow earth sign, the Taurus Sun is always a comfortable season of the year for you, however what you have to be mindful of is allowing yourself to take things too seriously. With all the strong earthy energy flowing your way, there is a tendency to get too bogged down and too grounded, which can make you feel like you are stuck or caught between a rock and a hard place. If this feeling arises, focus on stretching your wings, moving your body, and taking small, positive action steps. Bring some lightness back into your being by making time for pleasure and fun, and releasing attachment over the things that you cannot control. With the Eclipses taking place this season, they may stir the winds of change. If you are holding on too tightly, change can be even more difficult to navigate. By releasing your grip and allowing things to fall where they may, you will have a much easier time. If you want to make changes in your life, release, surrender, and watch how things unfold, the answer will present itself to you clearly and without struggle.


There have been so many strong, earthy influences in your zodiac sign lately that perhaps you are starting to feel quite restricted or heavy. Maybe this energy has even resulted in you needing to retreat or be alone. The energy flowing your way reminds me of the Hermit Tarot Card. Perhaps the message of this card (which you can read here) resonates with how you have been feeling. It is in these quiet, contemplative times that we are able to get to know ourselves on a deeper and intimate level, and when we know ourselves on this level, it allows us to move through the world with confidence and ease. Taurus Season brings more earthy energy your way, but rather than feeling restricted by it, know you can use it to sink your roots deeper so you can ascend higher. As a natural empath, this earthy energy will also help you to take some much needed me-time. Under the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse, you may just find some long-deserved rewards flowing your way.


There has been much activity going on in Pisces lately with the incredible Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, on April 12, and the addition of Mars touring through your sign. All of this energy may have been sending creative waves of inspiration and passion your way. Mars may have also been giving you an extra boost of energy, or alternatively, you may have found yourself needing to recuperate and recharge under its fiery presence. As you move through Taurus Season, all of those creative waves of inspiration and ideas that are bubbling away can start to grow more life and longevity. Use this energy to clear your plate and focus on what is truly important. You will make much progress this way!


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