The Jupiter Neptune Conjunction 2022: Opening the Door to a New Reality

jupiter neptune astrology 2022

166 years ago, Jupiter and Neptune came together in the sign of Pisces. In the same year, a new way of synthetically dying textiles was accidentally discovered and opened the door for people of all socioeconomic statuses to have access to brightly colored clothes. For the first time, colored clothing was not just for the ultra-wealthy but could be something imagined by everyone. Consider the beauty, the awe, the inspiration that came for people when they could walk outside their front door and see everyone wearing shades of vibrant color for the first time.

This is the type of inspiration that Jupiter and Neptune can bring, and as they come together in Pisces on April 12, 2022, who knows what new creations and insights they will unlock. 

Jupiter and Neptune align in our cosmic skies every 13 years or so, but this is the first time they have come together in Pisces in over 166 years. Their meeting in Pisces is arguably the most intense energetic combination as Jupiter is considered the ancient ruler of Pisces and Neptune is considered the modern ruler.

As Jupiter and Neptune both have strong energetic cords when moving through Pisces, it allows us to harness the full potential of this energy.

Along with revolutions in beauty, art, and fashion, Neptune and Jupiter coming together can inspire new forms of media and movements in film, photography, and music. It is a highly creative energy that thins the veil, allowing us to see or realize things we couldn’t before.

The Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces unlock the door to the hidden realms, to viewpoints that have only existed in the shadows or beneath the surface. This energy combination is also a classic signature for spiritual awakening.

All things in the spiritual realm can expand, flourish, and grow under this energy. We may even find ourselves exploring new understandings of life beyond life or connections with otherworldly beings. 

Under this energy, we may feel the desire to create deeper spiritual connections, and that inner divine flame that lives within may call out to us more and more.

On its highest vibration, Neptune is the planet of unconditional love and Jupiter is the planet of expansion. As they join forces, we can be reminded of our connection to each other, and the love that flows within and around each and every one of us. Rather than seeing division, we can see that we are connected, that we all deserve love, and that separation is just an illusion. 

Under this energy, the Universe will be offering waves of energy that support unity, coming together, and enhancing life on this planet for all.

While Jupiter and Neptune coming together offer beautiful vibrations, they can also trigger events around water, such as flooding and water supply issues. 

Water is also symbolic of our collective emotions, so with Neptune and Jupiter coming together, there may be an increase in the emotional aura of the planet. 

As a collective, we may find ourselves dealing with something that triggers a high emotional response, or we may simply find that the already present emotional, psychic energies of the planet are ready to be cleansed and cleared away. 

Healers, psychics, creatives, and spiritual teachers are likely to be in high demand under this energy. If this is your calling, you may find your gifts awakened under this energy. If you are yet to step into this calling, these energies may make it hard for you to ignore.

Neptune also rules over escapism, so we could see an increase in drug use and other things that are used to escape from reality. Neptune can also create fogginess and illusion, making it hard for us to see the truth or to know which path we wish to take.

Under this energy, we may find it hard to get grounded or to know where we stand. We may find it hard to commit, to make decisions, or to source all of the information we need for security and comfort. 

As this is such strong, watery energy, the best way to navigate through all of this is to go with the flow, to surrender, and to see the perspective of all sides.

Jupiter and Neptune expand our awareness, allowing us to recognize that not everything is black and white, and in the eyes of the Universe there is no right or wrong, only vibration. 

Trusting and following our instincts is also going to become important under this energy. When the road ahead is foggy and we can’t see our way forward using our traditional senses, we have to go within, we have to connect to our subtler senses to find our way forward. 

Neptune and Jupiter together in Pisces is some of the best energy we will see for strengthening our psychic and intuitive gifts. Know that this energy is on offer to you, and use it to strengthen your subtler senses. 

Overall, the Jupiter Neptune conjunction opens the door to a new reality, expanding our vision and exposing us to a new way of being. Life will never be the same- it will be more colorful, more vibrant, more unified than before. This is a collective awakening energy on the deepest and highest levels. Something we will never experience again in our lifetime. 

How to Work with the Jupiter Neptune Conjuntion Energies:

While these energies will peak in April 2022, we will feel the effects from late March into early May, and then again from late October to early December.

  • Launch new creative projects
  • Experiment with new creative approaches to your work
  • Make bold creative choices
  • Feel inspired by the beauty around you
  • Expand your spiritual gifts and practice working with your intuition
  • Stay open to new ways of thinking or seeing things
  • When the facts feel foggy, turn to your intuition
  • Surrender to any uncertainty and allow things to reveal themselves to you
  • Honor your spiritual/healing gifts
  • Work with the subtler frequencies when it comes to healing and manifestation work
  • Flood proof your house or consider taking out flood insurance
  • Filter your drinking water
  • Connect with this energy for psychic downloads or to communicate with the other side
  • Soak in this energy during your meditations to activate spiritual awakenings
  • Strengthen your Divine connection
  • Recognize the universal oneness in all
  • Cleanse your emotional pain body
  • Spend time recharging by the water

If you want to work deeper with these energies, try the Jupiter Neptune conjunction ritual and/or this cosmic guided meditation.

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