Intuitive Astrology: The Rebirth of Venus 2018

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Image Art: Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

Here I am yet again, writing another article about Venus Retrograde. I guess she has a lot to say.

Venus has been retrograde since the 5th of October and will remain this way until November 16th, but on October 26th something very special is happening.

On this day, Venus is going to complete her rebirth. She will still be in retrograde, but on this day she will rise up as a morning star and begin a new cycle.

The cycle of Venus begins when she appears in the morning sky. From this point forward she gradually moves until she becomes an evening star. Then, as Venus keeps moving, she dips below the horizon and fades from view.

If you like to look at the stars at night, you may have even seen Venus shining brightly for the last few months. She is one of the brightest stars in our evening sky, but we won’t see her again as an evening star until late 2019.

As Venus would dip below the horizon every 19 months or so, the ancients believed that she was entering the underworld. They believed that during this time Venus would undergo a type of death, and this death process coincides with her retrograde.

In astrology, a retrograde happens when a planet appears to be moving backward. Of course, it is not actually moving backward, but this is just how it appears from our vantage point in the sky.

As Venus continues traveling backward she will meet with the Sun on October 26th. This is her grand rebirth moment, and from this point forward she will emerge from the underworld as a morning star.

Even though Venus will still be in retrograde, we may begin feeling a shift or turning point of energy around this time.

Venus is the ruler of our hearts, so while she has been retrograde, we have all been challenged to focus on matters of the heart.

A Venus retrograde highlights our love life, our relationships, and our finances, but on a deeper level, it is really about learning to love ourselves more.

Lessons of the heart are often painful, so if you have been having a rocky time so far during Venus Retrograde, October 26th may bring some relief.

It is important to understand that Venus Retrograde’s job is to expose the true nature and the true calling of your heart.

If you have been having issues in your relationships, Venus is simply shining a light on them so you can begin healing and making amends.

Taking action often becomes easier once Venus begins turning direct again, however after the rebirth of Venus, we may feel more confident and secure in how to move forward.

Even though we may all be experiencing different heart-related issues, the message of Venus is the same for everyone- learn to love yourself.

Venus wants us to love ourselves so we have more love to give others. Venus wants us to love ourselves so we can set healthy boundaries and say no to things that drain us. Venus wants us to love ourselves so we can see that we are all connected and all one in the same.

So, as Venus is reborn on October 26th, we have to start asking ourselves what we want this next cycle to feel like. We have to ask ourselves where we want to lead our hearts.

While we don’t always get a say in what comes our way in this life, we can have a say in where we would like to go. In fact, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the rebirth of our hearts and what new direction we wish to take.

Do you want your heart to be more: Open? Fierce? Loving? Passionate? Compassionate? Sexy? Responsible? Creative? Wiser? Supportive?

Take a moment to think about what new energies you want to bring inside of your heart. Take a moment to think about your rebirth and what you would like to embody.

Venus may have her own ideas that may come along with this rebirth too, so be open to her messages and trust what unfolds, but there is no reason why you can’t have a say and set an intention for what you want.

Finally, the death and rebirth cycle of Venus is really about learning to love ourselves and to find the truth within ourselves.

If a relationship has ended or if some painful truth has emerged know that it’s ok to let it sting and burn, but then also know that it is all to help awaken and deepen the strength of your heart.

That’s all Venus wants. Stronger hearts. So we can love ourselves. Love one another. And love this planet. And goodness knows, we could all use far more love in this world.

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