Intuitive Astrology: Venus Retrograde 2018

venus retrograde

Venus is the goddess planet, the ruler of love, the overseer of the heart. She represents the divine feminine and encourages us to build connections, create wealth, and find beauty in all that life has to offer.

Out of all the planets, Venus retrogrades the least, so we tend to feel this energy strongly. In fact, Venus retrograde touches us on the most sensitive level of our being, on the level that is our heart.

Our heart is precious. We guard it fiercely, we wear it on our sleeve, we give it away, and sometimes it gets broken. The heart is a delicate thing, and yet this Venus retrograde is here to challenge how we deal with the lessons of the heart.

Many of us walk through life with a mask, with a shield, with an armor that protects us from the outside world. Often this armor is built out of necessity and from life experiences that begin at a young age.

When we first come into this world our heart is open. We are ready to explore, we are ready to love, we are ready to connect with others and find our way. Over the years however, our sensitive hearts find this hard to handle and we begin putting up masks and wearing shields in order to protect ourselves.

These shields are sometimes necessary, but very often they can also block us from diving deep and really connecting with others in a meaningful way. We become fearful of connecting with others or we become socially anxious. We hide away instead of opening to the world and to the people around us.

It is not always possible to walk this earth with our heart on our sleeve, but finding a balance is important. We don’t want to be blocked off, but at the same time life on earth requires us to have some sort of protection.

No matter where you are on the spectrum, this Venus retrograde is going to be challenging you to assess how open or blocked your heart is. This Venus retrograde is going to be asking you to think about your connection with others and to assess whether you are giving too much or too little.

Venus only retrogrades once every 19 months or so, which means that this rare energy is really a gift for all of us to use to our fullest advantage.

Venus will retrograde from October 5- November 16, through the signs of Scorpio and Libra, and each of these constellations will offer a slightly different perspective of the overall lesson.

While Venus moves through Scorpio, we are going to be encouraged to really transform. This is a time where we are going to have to work on making changes in order to continue. This is a time where our hearts are ready for an upgrade and shift in how they have been operating.

If you have found yourself closed off or feeling anxious around others, during this time frame you may decide that it’s time to make some shifts and to work on being a little more open.

Opening your heart is never easy, and requires a lot of trust in yourself and in others, but it is necessary to put yourself out there if you want to make and build connections.

This applies not just to people but also to creative projects, your work, your family; any area of your life can be revamped by opening your heart and allowing yourself to give fully to whatever it is that you are focusing on.

Sometimes in order to find love, to create that passion project, or to take a leap on that business venture, you have to open your heart, you have to be willing to get hurt, stung and everything in between, but if you don’t take that risk, if you don’t put yourself out there, you will never know.

You can pull your beating heart out and lay it there for all the world to see, and even though it may be painful and frightening, good things always seem to come to those who learn how to open their hearts and trust that they will always be guided.

Just like this Venus retrograde will be helping us to open our hearts, it will also be guiding those that need to create better boundaries.

If you find yourself getting taken advantage of, if you find that you are always putting your needs last, if you find that you are constantly drained by the energy of others, it may be time for you to check in and see how much of your energy you are allowing to be sucked away.

Learning to create a shield and have downtime so you are not taking on other people’s energies is so important. Almost all of us are sensitive to other people’s energy on some level, so we have to take measures in order to protect ourselves.

Instead of creating blocks and carrying around heavy armor, it may be better to visualize and create a mesh that covers and protects you instead.

By protecting yourself with a mesh, it allows only the good to flow in, and the energy that is not yours to carry to bounce back.

Visualizing a mesh like this and setting an intention can be so powerful and can help you to set healthy boundaries with others and with certain environments.

During Venus’ time retrograding through Scorpio we are really going to be challenged to make these transformations, but while Venus is in Libra, we are going to be encouraged to think about how our actions are affecting others.

Every action we take creates a ripple effect around the entire Universe. With Venus retrograding through Libra, we are going to be encouraged to really think about the other, and to reflect on whether we are treating people how we wish to be treated.

So many of us avoid wearing our heart on our sleeves because we have been hurt by people we have loved or trusted. While getting hurt is a part of life, we can also take the time to be conscious of how our actions are affecting others, and how our actions are contributing to the pain-body of the Universe.

Venus retrograde runs deep and we may see all of this energy manifesting in our relationships, in our creative projects, in our work, and with how we choose to love ourselves.

We all hold Venus energy inside of us, we all hold heart energy inside of us, and the more we learn to use it in the way that works best for us, the further we will be able to blossom.

Venus retrograde is a time where all matters of the heart come to the surface, but use this as an opportunity to balance your heart energy and treat others with a bit more kindness.

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