Intuitive Astrology: Virgo Full Moon February 2024

virgo full moon astrology february 2024

The Virgo Full Moon arrives on February 24, 2024, and is the last Full Moon for the astrological year and the last Full Moon before Eclipse Season begins.

This special placement in our timeline gives this Full Moon a strong purge energy. We are clearing from the inside out, and we have the Virgin Goddess to guide us.

Virgo is represented by the Virgin Goddess, which is a symbol of independence, inner strength, and wellness. The Virgin Goddess knows how to put herself first and make her body her temple. She knows that within her lives a forever-flowing source of wisdom, intuition, and personal power.

In the lead-up to the Virgo Full Moon, we must begin embracing the call of our own Virgin Goddess. We must begin listening to our hearts, body, minds, and souls. We must start treating our body as a temple and acknowledging the beauty and gifts that we hold within.

When we step into this power, we can feel encouraged by the potent energies of February’s Full Moon and ready to take on whatever it brings our way.

Listening to the Messenger Within

Clearing and cleansing energy will be strong under this Full Moon. Pay attention to your mind, body, and soul- what are they communicating to you? What are they longing to be free of?

The body is always speaking to us. Our heart is always speaking to us, and it will be up to us to pay attention and listen in deeper.

Mercury, the messenger planet is circling strong around this Full Moon. Mercury is also the natural ruler of Virgo, so its presence will be heightened.

As the messenger planet, Mercury can help us source information, wisdom, and insights from both our inner and outer worlds. We may receive messages under this Full Moon or signs from the Universe that can guide us. We just need to make sure we are paying attention and trusting our inner voice.

The Universe is always sending us signs. Sometimes these signs can appear as a number sequence that we see over and over again, sometimes these signs can be an unusual encounter or an unlikely animal crossing our path. Sometimes, we can hear a whisper in the quiet of our mind, and sometimes, we can be met with a surprising challenge or sudden change of heart that changes our course of direction.

Under this Virgo Full Moon, it will be our job to listen and pay attention to the calls of the Universe and our body. If you have questions that need answers or are seeking guidance, put your request out to Mother Moon and then watch for signs and clues as to how you should proceed.

Heal under the Light of the Virgo Moon

Healing energy is also strong under the Virgo Full Moon, especially healing that is related to the nourishment of our body. We must look after our bodies, so if you have been burning the candle at both ends or ignoring the symptoms your body is sending you, it will be time to step up and take action.

The supportive vibrations of the Virgo Full Moon will amplify your efforts and act as a motivator, so use its energy to empower yourself to change your diet, start a new workout plan, or finally seek the help of a healer or medical professional.

The important thing here will be to not ignore the signs, as chances are they will only get louder in an effort to be seen and heard.

Saturn is also active under this Full Moon, and even though its presence can be heavy at times, it will help us to set boundaries, especially when it comes to our health. Saturn will guide us to be firm with ourselves and give us the confidence to stand up and ask others for what we need.

Use the strength of Saturn to assert yourself and honor any boundaries. Saying “no” can be scary and confronting, but know that the Universe is on your side and supporting any efforts you take to achieve greater wellness in your life.

Overall, the Virgo Full Moon is a potent one that will help us to close the door on the astrological year. While there is strong purge energy circulating under this Full Moon, there are also strong supportive vibrations encouraging us to focus on wellness and nourish the Goddess within.

Our body truly is our temple, and it’s time to start treating ourselves as so.

Your Virgo Full Moon Ritual and Reading is here.

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