Intuitive Astrology: Virgo New Moon September 2023

virgo new moon 2023

As the Virgo New Moon arrives on September 14, 2023, we have six major planets in retrograde. Strong retrograde energy under the New Moon can draw us within and to the past, getting us to look over things to ensure we fully understand where we have been before we move forward.

With so many planets traveling retrograde, we may feel that life or certain situations have come to a complete standstill. It may be hard to move on or hard to know how to shift a dynamic.

We may have to sit in the muck a little longer before we can know the way forward.

The Virgo New Moon prepares us for Change

This Virgo New Moon is the last before the Equinox and before Eclipse Season begins, which means it sets the foundation for the changes that are destined to come. While we will still very much feel the stagnancy from all the retrograde activity, this New Moon acts as a turning point, lighting a path to help release us from the old.

While the changing energies will reveal themselves slowly, we may find it a welcomed relief to be stuck or stagnant for a moment. We may wish to enjoy the view a little longer or really soak our feet in wherever we have landed. By taking this time, we may feel more adjusted, better prepared, and more accepting of our situation and where we will move to.

Virgo is a grounded earth sign that is represented by the Virgin Goddess, which is a symbol of wholeness, inner divinity, and sovereignty. The Virgin Goddess that rules Virgo is not attached to anyone, in charge of her own life, and fully connected to the divine power that lives within her.

We can use the energies of the Virgin Goddess to guide us through this New Moon time, and to remind ourselves that everything we need is within. No matter what happens, the Virgin Goddess knows she will be ok. She knows that she will find the strength, wisdom, and knowledge to move through whatever comes her way.

On a more practical level, we can also channel the energies of the Virgo New Moon to plan, create a schedule, and get organized in our lives. We can use its energy to take a methodical and practical approach to all that we need to get done.

The Cosmic Skies under the Virgo New Moon

Uranus, the planet of awakening and change, is active under this New Moon, adding a layer of instability or shakiness to these energies. Whenever Uranus is strong, we can feel a little rattled or unsure of the future. This uncertainty will eventually spark an awakening, but chances are we won’t be able to feel the full presence of these awakening energies just yet.

Along with Uranus, Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, is also active and retrograde too under this New Moon. Neptune’s presence can create a little fogginess for us, but will also be guiding us to listen to our inner wisdom. If we don’t understand or can’t make sense of our outside world, it’s a good time to go within and get clear on our inner world.

To add to the mix, Mercury will end its retrograde journey just one day after the peak of the New Moon. Mercury is considered the Messenger of the Gods, so pay attention to any messages that seem to come our way around this time. Chances are, the messages we receive around the New Moon may have some extra magic or importance to them.

The Virgo New Moon Energies

All of the New Moon energy combined makes it one that may feel a little up and down. While these energies are not incredibly intense, we may just feel a little scattered and confused.

If we return to the grounding energies of the Virgin Goddess however, we will find our way. The Virgin Goddess will remind us that we are sovereign beings, free to be, free to express, and with a wealth of knowledge contained within.

When we connect with this rich earthy energy, we will feel more balanced, more guided, and more supported as we journey through this Virgo lunar cycle.

Your Virgo New Moon Ritual is here.

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