Just Do It

Just do it.

The Nike Slogan.

I remember when I was a teenager, (roaming through the deep forest of adolescence) Nike sneakers were “it.” The fashion epitome. The years have gone by and my wardrobe is  full of vintage goodies, thrift shop buys and a couple of old-school designer gems. Nike has been well forgotten. Until recently.

For now its not the shoes on my radar- but that fashionable slogan: Just Bloody Do It. ( Please excuse my added profanity: I’m Australian and this term is quite acceptable to use for emphasis in my culture.)

As a teacher and creative mentor, I see a lot of “side-stepping”. Those sneakers of thought that can make our dreams move forward, play a weird game of directionless hopscotch at times. “Should I take that course? I don’t have the money. Should I put my hand up in class and state my opinion? Should I go to the gym? Should I not go to the gym? Should I work on my art piece? I don’t have the qualifications, should I apply for that job anyway? Should I cook Chickpea Stew or Rabbit Ragu for dinner?” Does any of this sound familiar? OK maybe not the Rabbit Ragu part…

Now I’m all for asking questions and weighing up options, however deliberate “deliberation” is NOT going to get those sneakers running your race. Sometimes, one just has to launch in and DO IT. Whatever “it” may be.

Our days are short here, but the way we live those days- can be limitless. One is only bound by the thoughts that run the marathon of the mind. Have you ever dreamed of starting something, but thought it would be best to wait until the “right time?” Until you have enough money, more experience, a better body, more confidence, or simply more…
Well don’t. Stop. Compose yourself. And begin!

Why not play a wee game. Lets go back to our childhood. Where we just “did it”. Yes, sometimes we were irresponsible and rebellious, but we can’t deny, there was a fire in us that created an impulse… to be free. To try. To play  “truth or dare” and have fun doing it!

So let’s make a decision. To experiment. To taste life for the first time. Remember how delicious it was at the time?

Go make some more of those memories..

Our dreams CAN be achieved if we tie those laces up and START.
No one or nothing is in the way. Unless you say it so.

Regret nothing and live for everything. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make some more. Add to your plate of life. Fill it up. Try it out. Wait for nothing. Because: you were born ready. Tie up those loose laces.


Non-disclosure statement:

I’m not endorsing illegal or immoral adult behavior. Play nice kids. ALSO – Nike has not endorsed this post. I operate solely and individually separate to the Nike company. I will not be receiving thousands of dollars for endorsing their product. However, that would be cool. I do not own a pair of Nike shoes. I never did.  But their slogan- I’m owning that. 

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