Keep It To Yourself

We live in a digital age where the SECOND something happens to us, we can tell thousands of people with the click of a button. Sometimes news travels so fast that I myself am amazed. I will be at gatherings and people will already know everything that I have been up to just because they follow me on social media. And I will know exactly how they have been because they like to share it all on Facebook.  I am not here to say that social media is bad or that we have no privacy, thats a conversation for another day. What I would like to say is:

Keep it to yourself.

Lately I have learned that there is power in having secrets just for you. For instance, living in Los Angeles you see a lot of status updates dealing with “big roles” or “huge auditions” and then they are followed by the constant “likes”. My question is, what does that accomplish?

I feel like once you tell the world the moment something good happens, you relinquish your joy to social media and strangers behind a computer. Why not enjoy those happy moments for yourself? Do you really need to tell the world your accomplishments and or brags?

A year or so ago, I stumbled on a place by myself and had an amazing hour alone. It would have been so incredibly easy to share, post, tweet about it. And yeah, I would have gotten a handful of likes, but I wanted to have this moment for myself. It definitely was not a place I could visit often so I felt like that maked it even more special. This may sound crazy, but I feel like if I took a bunch of pictures and bragged about it on social media, the moment would have lost it’s power and my memories of that time would have been lost to the digital world.

Now anytime I am having a rough day, I think about that best kept experience and realize that sometimes life gives you a “free pass.” to do something you love for an hour. That sentiment may sound vague, but that’s all I am willing to share about my best kept secret spot.

I guess the way I see it is, moments only have so much power. And if you share those experiences with thousands of people, the energy in that moment becomes obsolete. It’s almost as if you are cheating yourself by quickly sharing your experiences without reflecting on them and how it can help you in life.

I feel like the Universe gives us so many experiences that were meant for our own journey, and it shouldn’t have to be shared, liked, or commented on by anyone else.

It’s like the Universe gave you a gift with your name on it to enjoy. You wouldn’t want to regift it to social media would you? I mean, we all know that regifting is rude…

So this week I challenge you to take a moment that strikes you as important, influential, or just plain cool and keep it to yourself. I promise you that you will find more joy in the moment than the touch-of-a-button like.

Do you have an experience you like to keep to yourself? You don’t have to share it in the comment section below but maybe you can share how that experience of holding it close to you helped you with your journey?


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