Leo Blood Blue Moon Eclipse Ritual January 2018

blood blue moon eclipse ritual

Every so often we have a rare celestial event that dazzles all of us and makes us realize that there is so much more to this Universe than we can truly fathom.

Last year it was the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo that stole the show, but in 2018 we have been offered a Total Lunar Eclipse also in the sign of Leo on January 31st.

This is not just any Lunar Eclipse however, in fact its official title is- Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse.

Blood Moon’s are used to describe a Total Lunar Eclipse. This eclipse is the first of three Blood Moon’s that will take place between 2018-2019.

That’s not all however, as this Blood Moon Eclipse is also a Blue Moon which happens when we have two Full Moon’s in a month.

We’ve all heard the saying- “once in a Blue Moon” and that time has finally come.

Having the added Blood and Blue effect sends this Lunar Eclipse into a whole new category and allows us work with its energy in a more potent and magical way.

You can read more about the meaning behind this Eclipse here.

Lunar Eclipses are always about releasing. When a Lunar Eclipse comes a long, usually it brings with it a theme of letting go and endings. While this Lunar Eclipse will be no different, it is also going to open a doorway into the future as well.

There is something prophetic about this Lunar Eclipse which is going to act like a guiding light for all of us.

Observing what unfolds around the Eclipse and being open to what themes or lessons present themselves could prove to be very insightful for the year ahead and as we move through this series of Blood Moons.

In order to really harness this energy and to stay open to it, here is a releasing ritual that will also help you to tune into the future-

Blood Blue Moon Eclipse Ritual for Releasing and Foretelling

This ritual is best done on January 31st day/night (see times below) and up until February 10th, 2018

You will need:

  • Two White Candles
  • Sage or your chosen smudging tool
  • Your favorite crystal: to choose your crystal, close your eyes and ask yourself what crystal would be most beneficial to you right now. Open your eyes and pick the first crystal that you gravitate towards
  • 3 identical sheets of paper
  • A pen and/or pencil
  • A notebook


1.) Start by taking your three identical sheets of paper and writing Yes, No, Undecided on each sheet. You may want to write it in pencil so it doesn’t show through the other side of the page. Once you have written the words on the sheets, fold them so they all look identical.

2.) Collect all of your supplies so they are within easy reach and then start smudging your aura and surroundings. For specific instructions on how to do this, read this. As you cleanse your energy and space, recite the following mantra or write your own-

“Universe/God I know you can hear me. Please know that I am open to you and open to the light and love that you hold for me. As I cleanse myself and my space, I make way for the new blessings you will bring into my life. I invite my guides and angels to join me as I release, cleanse, and surrender to the pathway that will open up before me.”

3.) Once you are smudged and cleansed, light your candles, place your crystal in your lap and get out your notebook. On the top of the page write the date: January 31st. For this ritual, you are going to write a little something that you can reflect back on during this series of Blood Moon Eclipses (for your record the next Blood Moon Eclipse’s are July 27-28th and January 20-21, 2019).

4.) Starting with the words “I release…” begin writing down all the things that you wish to release from your life. There are no limits as to what you can write, but I recommend really going big for this one. Release what you are most afraid of losing, release what you are most attached to. Leave your fears aside and just give yourself permission to release. Let it all go. Dump it all out. Take it off your shoulders and onto the page.

Note: if you like you can set a timer and write for 20 minutes, otherwise I recommend writing at least 3-4 pages back and front. If you are struggling to write, just keep writing down the thoughts in your head as this will help you to keep the momentum going.

5.) Once you have dumped it all out onto the paper, re-read what you have written and highlight or observe any themes or things that have come up for you. Then close the notebook and place the crystal on top. Take a few deep breaths and repeat the following (feel free to write your own) –

“Universe/God and my spirit team please help me to release (insert whatever you want to release here). Please guide me to help break any destructive patterns in my life. Please guide me to find the strength to make it through. Please guide me to reach my full and highest potential.”

6.) Once you have stated your intent to release, you can blow out one of your candles.

7.) Take your three identical folded pieces of paper and place them in front of you. Holding your crystal think of something you would like to know or ask. There are a few ways you can do this-

After asking your question you can:

  • Hover your hands over the three pieces of paper and pick the one that feels warm/tingly or gives you some type of sensation
  • Close your eyes and pick one at random
  • Look at the three folded papers and go with the one that looks brighter or more vibrant
  • Listen to any guidance from your Spirit team about which one to pick

By experimenting with these methods you will know which one works the best for you and which sense is the strongest for you.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, but for the purpose of this ritual I recommend sticking with just three.

8.) After asking your question and getting either a Yes, No or Undecided reply, write down the question and the response in your notebook. Using the response as your guide, make your prediction by writing a brief story. Don’t worry if you are accurate or not, the idea is to flex your intuitive muscles and to open yourself up to receiving guidance. (See example below)

Note: if you get the “Undecided” response you have to trust that the Universe is not ready to share the answer with you just yet and that there are more things that need to unfold. For undecided responses, you can skip this step.

Here’s an example-

If you asked “Am I going to get that job?” and the answer you got was “Yes” you could write –

“I get the job offer in March and it’s wonderful, I make a lot of friends and I really enjoy the work. My boss is a bit of a handful, but overall this job really gives me the leverage I need etc. etc.” 

Or lets say the paper you chose said “No” you could write-

“I don’t get this job but an even better job comes along. The office has an orange door and the people there are very down to earth and lovely. The job description is not exactly what I wanted but it’s a great start…”

Just give yourself permission to write whatever comes to your mind first. Give yourself permission to let your imagination/intuition run away with you. Don’t worry about being right/wrong with your prediction, just write whatever comes through.

9.) Once you have asked all your questions and written down your “imaginative predictions”, thank your guides and sprit team and blow out the remaining candle. Keep your notebook till the next Blood Moon. You can also hang onto the 3 pieces of paper and use them for intuitive practice.

Happy Blood Blue Moon Eclipse!


Time of Maximum Eclipse in Major Time Zones:

Los Angeles- Jan 31 5.29am

New York-Jan 31 8.29am

London-Jan 31 1.29pm

New Delhi-Jan 31 6.59pm

Sydney-Feb 1 12.29 am  (the eclipse starts at 9.51 pm on Jan 31)

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