Libra Full Moon Ritual April 2019

libra full moon ritual

The April 19th Full Moon falls at 29 degrees Libra and will be closing a portal of energy that began back in March.

This potent Full Moon will be triggering our relationships, and helping us to find forgiveness and cut the cords on all that no longer serves us.

While this energy may be stirred in our relationships with others, we may also feel the need to cut cords with our relationships to ideas, values, and beliefs as well.

The Full Moon will be your guide, but if you are looking to clear the way and release, this ritual is here to help.

Libra Full Moon Cord Cutting Ritual

This ritual is best done from April 19- 29, 2019

You will need:

  • Cleansing tool of choice (eg. sage, palo santo, essential oils, incense, etc.)
  • 3 Candles
  • Paper and Pen


1.) Have your ritual ingredients out in front of you and begin by cleansing your aura using your tool of choice. As you cleanse your aura recite the following-

I cleanse and release all energy that no longer serves me. I cleanse and release all energy that is no longer mine to carry. I shield and protect myself with the power of light. I am safe, I am protected, I am cleansed, I am radiant.”

Next, cleanse your surroundings and ritual ingredients, as you do, recite the following-

“I cleanse my space with light and loving energy. Love and light surrounds me now. I cleanse my space with love and peace. Love and peace surrounds me now. I cleanse my space with a boundless white light. I am safe. I am protected. Only good dwells here.”

2.) Take your pen and paper and write down what you wish to release, let go of, or cut cords with. Remember this can be a person, but it can also be an event, a belief, a situation, a feeling, a thought, a belief, etc.

3.) Have all your ritual ingredients nearby. Arrange your candles in the shape of a triangle and sit in front of them. Light the candles and place your piece of paper in the center of the triangle. Close your eyes and begin meditating to help clear your mind and settle your spirit.

I highly recommend my April Cosmic Guided Meditation as it will help to activate your energy for this ritual.

4.) After meditating, take a moment to think about what this person or thing you are cutting cords with means to you. Think about the good times, the bad times, the things you have learned, and give gratitude for this experience. Here are some prompts to help you which you can say out loud if you wish-

“Before I release (enter) I think about the good times. This one moment in particular stands out to me the most (enter). I give thanks to this time.”

“The time has come for me to release (enter) as the time has come to move on. The time has come to let this part of my life go because (enter).”

“(Enter) has taught me a lot, including (enter) and I am grateful for this experience and lesson.”

“Thank you (enter) for showing me the way. Thank you for opening my eyes to what needs to change. Thank you for being a teacher, but I am ready to move on and leave this behind.”

5.) Now, take the piece of paper and hold it against your belly button. Close your eyes and visualize a cord coming from your belly button to this other person or idea/belief. See the cord clearly in your minds-eye. Now, imagine cutting the cord. As you do this, keep saying: “thank you, thank you, thank you”.

6.) With your eyes still closed, look at this person or idea/belief standing in front of you and in your mind, begin sharing with them all you would like to say before you make your final goodbye. Just say whatever it is that you want to say and get it all out. You can do this in your mind or say it out loud.

7.) Once you have said all that you wish, turn around and begin walking away. As you do, see the cord still attached to your belly button fall away. Open your eyes and take a deep breath in and out.

8.) Now, take your piece of paper and begin ripping cutting it up. You can do one big rip or many small rips. Just follow your instincts, as you do, recite the following or feel free to say whatever you feel in the moment-

“Under the light of the Moon, these cords have now been cut. I ask for a healing to take place. I ask for forgiveness. I ask for peace. May these cords remain removed as long as it is in my best and highest interest. Help me to be clear of these cords, help me to find the freedom, love, and peace I am looking for. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

9.) As a final step, you can take your pieces of paper and bury them outside under the light of the Moon. If this is not possible, feel free to burn the papers (if safe to do so) or simply throw them in the recycling.

10.) Before closing the ritual, cleanse your aura and surroundings one last time. As you do, keep chanting the following (or feel free to write your own)-

“I am cleansed. I am free. I have released all cords that no longer serve me. I am light. I am love. I feel joy moving through me, life moving through me. I am whole. I am One.”

11.) Before snuffing out your candles, you can also try my April Full Moon Reading, which will guide you to a channelled message.

Happy Full Moon!

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