Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse Ritual October 2023

libra new moon solar eclipse ritual

The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse arrives on October 14. It is an Annular eclipse, which means the sun will be partially blocked, leaving only a ring of light visible. This ring of light is sometimes referred to as the ring of fire.

Solar Eclipses are always magical events. They signal a time in the year when the veil is thin, and we can feel more connected to the energies of the world around us.

Solar Eclipses are also believed to bring karmic and fated events into our lives. They can open doors for us, create new pathways, and stir new thoughts and ideas. They are considered portals for new beginnings and can help push our lives in a direction we may not have seen coming.

Under a Solar Eclipse, it is advised to keep our vibration strong and in a state of authenticity. Avoid trying to take control or use this Eclipse to manifest, and instead, use its energy for surrender. Use it to enter a space of trust. Work with the mantra- “Everything is working out in my favor and for my highest good.”

To guide you under these energies and to protect your sensitive aura from any harshness this Eclipse may bring, here is a ritual to guide you. This ritual can be done a week before and up to a week after the Solar Eclipse.

Libra Solar Eclipse Cleansing and Balancing Bath Ritual 2023

You will need:


1.) Start by cleansing your auric field using your cleansing tool of choice. As you cleanse, feel free to recite the following:

“I cleanse myself from top to toe. I cleanse myself so I do glow. I cleanse my heart, my mind, my soul; I cleanse, so I am clear to grow. I am light. I am lifted. I am One. I am Love. I am Light. I am in full balance.”

Next, cleanse your ritual space, your bathroom, and all the ingredients you are going to use for your bath.

2.) Get nice and comfortable, and do the So Hum Cosmic Guided Meditation. This meditation will bring you into a state of inner peace and alignment. It is designed to return you to the truth of your essence and to connect you with the energies of the Universe and of the Self.

3.) Once your meditation is complete, do your Libra Solar Eclipse Reading. Allow your relaxed state to guide you to a card that is perfect for you.

4.) Contemplate the message the card has for you as you prepare your bath. Place your ingredients into your bath and stir the bath water, reciting the following –

“I am love. I am balanced. I flow with all that is. I surrender to all that is. I am in my center. I am in my peace. I trust that all is working out for my highest good.”

5.) Soak in the bath for 10-20 minutes. Contemplate whatever has come up for you, but also give your mind space to wander, to imagine, to daydream, and to be still.

6.) Once your bath is over, your ritual is complete, however, if you want additional support, you can work with the following journal prompts –

  • I feel supported when…
  • My miracle scenario would be…
  • Things I love about myself…
  • I am proud of myself for…

Your ritual is now complete! Solar Eclipse blessings to you!

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