Intuitive Astrology: Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse October 2023

libra new moon solar eclipse astrology 2023

The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse falls on October 14, and is the second Eclipse in the Aries-Libra cycle that we will be working with over the coming years.

As this Eclipse cycle is relatively new, many seeds are still being planted. We may not be able to wrap our heads around exactly the journey this Eclipse cycle will take us on, and it may feel harder to see the bigger picture. But there is a bigger picture forming, and if we can trust in that, we will have a much easier time navigating whatever comes up for us under this Eclipse.

Know that whatever comes up is not the whole story. As more of this Eclipse cycle reveals itself, we will be able to see with greater clarity exactly where we are being led.

The Aries-Libra Eclipse Cycle for the Collective Consciousness

On a collective scale, the Aries-Libra Eclipse cycle is triggering our connections, intimacy, relationships, and how we choose to show up in them. It is also working on our feelings of inner strength and confidence, reminding us that we each possess what is necessary to lead the best life possible.

All of these themes will continually show up under this Eclipse cycle. As Aries and Libra are both cardinal signs of the zodiac, we are likely to step out of this journey with more strength, leadership capabilities, and maybe even some newfound skills or talents!

The first Eclipse we experienced in the Aries-Libra cycle was back in April 2023. Think back to what themes were happening in your life around this time. It is not that the same themes are going to happen again, but perhaps whatever you were experiencing at that point in your life is ready to be upgraded or you are experiencing the next chapter of whatever evolved.

Again, it may be hard to put all the pieces into place just yet, but you may wish to keep a journal so you can write down the themes and experiences under each Eclipse. It will probably only be when you look back on it all that you will be able to make sense of the journey you are taking.

The Energy of a New Moon Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipses fall under a New Moon, so you can think of them as supercharged New Moons. New Moons are the beginning point to the lunar cycle, and a beginning point on a new chapter of our lives.

On a New Moon, energy is drawn within, and we are guided to connect with our deeper truth. What is really important to us? What do we desire? How are we feeling?

By connecting with our inner world, we can unlock a new level of understanding, not just about who we are, but where we are going. We may feel new ideas bubbling or start to gain a sense of what we wish to put out into the world.

New Moons are fantastic times to set intentions, but under a New Moon Solar Eclipse, the energies are a lot stronger. With these strong energies, we can indeed set some very, very powerful intentions. What we put out into the Universe will be magnified and strong. However, as the Eclipse energies are so powerful, there is actually more magic to be found in the surrender.

This means, that rather than controlling the narrative, we surrender to the Universe. We allow ourselves to flow, trusting that whatever comes our way will be exactly what we need for our current state of consciousness.

Eclipses can be viewed as portals to higher states of consciousness. They help us to take quantum leaps into new and more evolved states of being. They fast-track our soul contract and get us moving towards our destiny with greater speed.

For this reason, Eclipses tend to bring fated events, and they tend to put us wherever we need to be, regardless of the intentions we may try to set. This is not to say we can’t have our say, after all, we are co-creators of this Universe, but under an Eclipse, it does seem that we tend to be steered in the direction the Universe knows is best.

The October New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra

To receive more guidance under this Eclipse, we can look to the planetary activity happening around it. As it falls in the sign of Libra, we can expect some themes around balance to arise. Libra is represented by the scales and regulates the flow of giving and receiving in our lives.

If we have been giving too much, or not giving enough, the balance can be reset. Just the same, if we have been receiving too much or not receiving enough, the balance can be reset. We may find whatever situations unfold under this Eclipse bring us back to a middle-point or to a center point where we can feel more harmony in the situation around us.

Maybe instead of being caught up in the duality of the situation, we can find a way to collaborate. In fact, one of the most powerful lessons when working with Libra energy is to find our sense of collaboration rather than compromise.

We don’t want to compromise ourselves, who we are, and what we stand for, so shifting out of this mentality and into a place of collaboration will help us to master some of this energy.

Libra also rules over our relationships, so this may very well be a theme that comes up under this Eclipse. A certain relationship may be triggered in our lives, and we may find ourselves having to assess our interactions with this person.

We may feel that too much of our power is being taken away, or we may find ourselves needing to be truthful to who we are, rather than getting sucked into the energy of the other person.

The Cosmic Skies Under the Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse

Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, is also active under this Solar Eclipse, which means there could be a power struggle evolving. This power struggle could be with another person, however it may also be within ourselves too.

We may struggle to let go of a relationship we know has served its time, or we may find ourselves playing a tug of war in our own minds about how to handle a certain situation or person.

These energies may feel intense, especially as they will be supercharged under the Eclipse energies, but Pluto gets us to look within to the deepest corners of our mind. It gets us to delve deeper into all of those shadowy crevices that we often like to ignore.

When it comes to Pluto, we cannot bypass the work or smooth it over with love and light. We have to venture deep, we have to make piece with the shadows so we can transmute them to the light.

This is deep work, and is all mirrored in the energies of this Eclipse. If it sounds intense, it’s because it is! But, there is another force working with the heavy Plutonian energies too, which comes from Chiron.

Chiron is an asteroid known as the wounded healer. When it is activated, it helps us to source power from our wounds.

Under the Libra Solar New Moon Eclipse, we can connect with the energies of Chiron to remember that even though we may hold wounds and traumas, we can still lead a beautiful life. We can use it to remind ourselves that our wounds can be our strength.

Chiron activated under this Eclipse, and along with Pluto, can heighten its powers. It can help us to travel to the depths and really make peace with what we find once and for all.

This planetary combination could really allow this Eclipse to feel deeply healing and restorative. We may feel a sense of greater peace, harmony, and acceptance with where we are.

The Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse in Conclusion

This Eclipse is planting seeds for us. We may experience issues arising or notice themes in our relationships. We may even find ourselves getting into a power struggle with someone.

But there is deep healing on offer here too. Healing that can help to mend our connections, how we relate to others, and how we choose to express our truth.

This Eclipse is powerful for standing in our light, asserting what we need, and letting those around us know how we can best feel supported. If we have been giving and giving, balance will need to be found. If we have been taking and taking, balance will need to be found.

There is a harmony that will result from this Eclipse. We may feel caught off balance at first, but we are on the path to greater peace and self-acceptance.

Your Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse Ritual is here.

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