Love and Attraction Ritual

love ritual

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of Love, but it can also highlight the areas in our lives where love may be lacking.

Like most holidays we celebrate today, Valentine’s Day has roots that link it back to a Pagan festival. In this case, Valentine’s Day originated from the festival of Lupercalia, which honored the she-wolf goddess Lupa.

You can read more about this ancient Pagan festival here and how it came to now be known as Valentine’s Day.

Even though Valentine’s Day originally started as a type of fertility and purification ritual and is now quite commercialized, the day can be a good reminder to open your heart and work on attracting more love into your life.

The ritual I share here was given to me many years ago by an African Shaman, whose name I have now unfortunately forgotten. I have edited the ritual slightly to make it more user-friendly, and this is the version I share with you here.

While this ritual will help you attract a partner, it is also great for helping you attract anything into your life, whether it is friends, money, or new opportunities.

You will need:

  • Pink and Green Altar Decorations such as: flowers, dollar bills, crystals, candles etc.
  • Pen and Paper
  • 2 Cinnamon Sticks
  • Tablespoon Honey (substitute pure maple syrup for a vegan option)
  • Petals of one red rose
  • Container/Bowl made of glass, wood, or ceramic
  • 2-3 cups of Water
  • Saucepan/Pot


1.) Find a spot where you can create a love altar. A small table or even the corner of a desk will work fine. Think of this altar as you ‘attraction space’ so you want to put things that make you feel good and look aesthetically pleasing to you. Things such as flowers, crystals, candles are all good choices. You can also put money or pictures of things you wish to attract into your life. When decorating, try to stick to a pink and/or green theme, as these are the colors of the heart chakra.

2.) Take the piece of paper, and begin writing down all the qualities you would want in a lover or things that you wish to attract into your life. Place the paper on your altar.

3.) Take your saucepan and fill it with water. Add the cinnamon sticks and honey and gently simmer for about 10 minutes. Remove it from the heat. Once the water has cooled sprinkle in the rose petals and pour into your container.

4.) Stand in the shower or bath naked with your container and as you pour the brew over your body, recite the following-

“With this bath, I open all doors to attractiveness. People are attracted to me in amazing ways, the right people want to be my friends and lovers, and they want to help me in all my endeavors. Money flows to me in bountiful ways and I always have enough. The right doors are opening for me now. This is completely and entirely in accordance with my well being.”

5.) Feel free to rinse off your body if you feel a bit sticky, but leave the rose petals and cinnamon sticks in the shower/tub overnight. When you get out of the shower, change into something white or pink (if possible).

6.) In the morning, collect the rose petals and cinnamon sticks and discard them outside. Keep your altar set up for at least 7 days, however, you can keep it longer if you wish.

7.) Continue to recite the affirmation daily for the next 7 days or until you take down your altar.

Would love to hear of your experience after completing this ritual! Feel free to share in the comments below.

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