Lunar Beauty Rituals: Caring For Your Body Using the Cycles of the Moon

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We all know that the Moon affects our mood and emotions, but did you know that the Moon also heavily influences our hair, nails and skin as well?

Our bodies are made up of mostly water and just like the Moon governs the tides of the ocean, the Moon can also govern the tides of our own bodies.

The Moon has an emotional and spiritual effect on us by illuminating things, helping us to release things and helping us to manifest things, but the Moon also plays a role on a physical level and governs the cycles of cell growth and repair.

Many farmers also use the cycles of the Moon to plant and harvest crops, and in many ways our hair, skin and nails work in the same way.

Here is how to care for your body using the cycles of the Moon:

After the New Moon (Waxing Moon) 

It has been found that when you cut your hair or nails after the New Moon, which is during the waxing phase, they will grow back thicker, longer and healthier.

This means that if you are getting a haircut and want your hair to grow faster, choose a date just after the New Moon.

These effects are further amplified when the waxing Moon is in certain astrological signs as well. For faster hair growth cut your hair when the Moon is in Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo or Pisces.

When the waxing Moon is in Leo it is also a particularly good time to cut your hair if you are looking to enhance its thickness.

If you want to dye your hair, do so when the waxing Moon is in Virgo as the color is said to last longer and is more likely to take to the hair.

After the Full Moon (Waning Moon)

When the Moon is waning, which happens just after the Full Moon, it is the perfect time to wax, shave, pluck and exfoliate your skin.

When you shave, cut or wax your hair when the Moon is waning, the growth is said to be much slower and will even come back finer. These effects are amplified when the waning Moon is in Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius.

Exfoliating your skin or getting a facial when the Moon is waning also helps to improve circulation and keep your skin looking clear and fresh. It has also been said that massaging and exfoliating your skin when the waning Moon is in Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius can help to reduce cellulite.

Getting a manicure or pedicure at this time will also help it to last longer and will help to keep dry skin on the bottom of your feet away.

Just after the Full Moon is also a great time to start a detox or to do any type of cleansing when it comes to the body.

So, does all of this really work? 

I experimented with some of these beauty care routines before publishing this article and this is what I found…

Firstly, I just want to point out that the mind is a powerful thing and sometimes it sees what it wants to see, so I will admit there could be some bias in my results but I do feel that it worked!

When I shaved my legs during the waning Moon (after the Full Moon) I didn’t really notice much of a difference, however when I waited till the waning Moon entered one of the “slow growth” astrological signs, I really noticed a difference. I feel like my hair grew back much slower and came back finer.

The only problem with this is having to wait for the Moon to enter one of those signs! This doesn’t always work out so well and would probably take some serious planning.

I also experimented with cutting my hair during the waxing moon (after the New Moon) however, it was really hard to tell how fast it grew back. One thing I did notice however, was that after getting my hair cut during the waxing Moon, it definitely seemed to be shedding less and I wasn’t seeing as many clumps of hair in the drain after my shower.

I know people who swear by this method and it definitely is worth trying. I am not sure if I personally would bother using it for my hair cut or nails, but for shaving, waxing and plucking, I am hooked!

Want to keep up to date on the cycles of the Moon for the rest of the year? Get my easy to read Moon Calendar.

(Moon Calendar only offers astrological signs for New and Full Moon, to find out astrological signs for waning or waxing moon you will need to consult an almanac or download a moon app). 

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