Magnetite – The Crystal in our Brain

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Did you know that we have crystals in our brains?

Scientists have discovered the presence of tiny crystallized fragments of Magnetite living in our brain, including the pineal gland which is known as the third eye or the seat of the soul.

Magnetite is one of the most magnetic substances on the planet and allows us to detect the electromagnetic field of the Earth, acting as our own inner compass.

Humans are not the only ones with Magnetite crystals in their body, animals have them too and it’s believed these crystals help them to tap into the Earth’s electromagnetic field so they know which direction to migrate or travel in.

The presence of these crystals may also explain how indigenous tribes have been shown to have such a strong sense of direction and the instinctual ability to track things.

In our modern society, perhaps we have forgotten our own natural abilities to do this. We rely on the GPS on our phones and rarely do we need to worry about navigating using our senses.

While our reliance on technology to get around is probably not going anywhere anytime soon, we can still start tapping in and working with these crystals in our brain for other things, including enhancing our psychic abilities and connecting with the frequencies of the world around us.

When we are in sync with the electromagnetic field of the Earth, we are more likely able to sense things such as weather events and psychic phenomena. Our ability to remote view or use telepathy is also believed to be heightened too.

By strengthening this ability, it also allows us to work with the frequencies of the planet which are recorded using the Schumman Resonance.

The Schumman Resonance picks up the electromagnetic energies of the Earth. It is currently at a baseline of 7.83 Hz however, the resonance is also known to fluctate, sometimes dropping low and sometimes peaking high.

While there are no concrete conclusions around this, there have been patterns observed when the Schumman resonance fluctuates. When it drops low, it has been linked to feelings of depression and anxiety.

When it peaks high, it has been linked to more positive effects, including heightened creativity and increased productivity.

Sometimes we forget that Earth is more than just our home. It is a part of us. By living here, we merge with its energy and it merges with our own. Even if you feel you are a Starseed, you are currently on this planet for a reason.

By connecting with the electromagnetic field of the Earth, we can tap into a hidden and forgotten power. We can work with the plants, the animals, and the stars. We can connect to the lost wisdom that is buried in each rock, flower, or tree.

Nature is so very healing, and one of the reasons for this is because its electromagnetic field helps to reset our own, and perhaps it is these Magnetite crystals that hold the key.

Most of us are pretty good about charging up our crystals for manifesting and protection, but why not consider charging the crystals in our brain so we can better connect and align with the energies of this Earth?

If you are feeling ungrounded, or that you have lost your place on this giant rock. If you are feeling that Earth is just not for you compared to what you know to be true in your higher mind, maybe by spending some time in nature and bringing conscious awareness to the crystals in your brain, you can start to create more harmony and connect with some of your untapped potential.

In the crystal kingdom, Magnetite is used for manifestation work. As it has magnetic properties, it is believed to help us attract what is needed and to repel what we don’t need.

It is also a stone of protection that helps us to align our chakras and can be used to receive downloads from the spirit world.

While we can definitely work with this crystal in the outside world, I feel it is far more powerful to connect with these inner crystals that are already alive and present in our body.

Close your eyes and see these crystals in your brain. Visualize them as faintly glowing sparkles. Take a few deep breaths and then imagine your breath is activating them. See them turn from dull sparkles to brighter ones. See the crystals in your brain light up like diamonds.

Repeat this exercise a few times, preferably outside in nature away from human-made signals if you can.

After doing this a few times, sit next to a tree, river, stream, or bush and connect with its electromagnetic field. See if you can pick up the energies of the Earth and the world around you.

You may have to practice this a few times, but as you harmonize yourself with the electromagnetic field of the Earth, you can feel more grounded, balanced, connected, rooted, and peaceful.

When you get really advanced, try this with a friend and see if you can use the electromagnetic fields to send telepathic messages to each other.

There are so many untapped potentials we are yet to discover. Our bodies our so much more capable than we have been made to believe. There are crystals inside our brain! And that feels like it’s just the beginning.


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