Moon Calendar 2020

moon calendar 2020

2020 is right around the corner, a new year and also a new decade!

This year, I have created the Forever Conscious Moon Calendar in conjunction with artist and mystic, Kuba Vitek from

The calendar features the dates and signs for the New Moon, Full Moon, and Eclipses, as well as the Sun’s journey through the zodiac and retrograde dates for all major planets.

Inspired by the astrological aspects and cosmic alignments, each month also comes with magical artwork and a thought-provoking mantra to help guide you through the energies.

Each piece of artwork is created by Kuba and also comes with a specially selected mudra (hand gesture) that you can use along with the mantras to integrate the energies into your being.

Unfortunately the Forever Conscious Moon Calendar 2020 is no longer available for sale.

To help you get the most out of this spiritually-guided calendar here is an overview of the inspiration Kuba used for each piece of artwork-


The main theme for this month is uncovering and taking hold of our personal power and strength, as we begin a new year and experience the fated alignment of Pluto and Saturn. To help guide us through these themes, the ‘Prana Mudra’ hand gesture is featured. Prana means ‘energy’ or ‘life force’ and this particular Mudra awakens and energizes the body so we are ready to take on the year that’s unfolding. The geometric pattern comes from Metatron’s cube, which symbolizes the need to awaken and acknowledge our personal power and to use it for good. The ‘snowdrop’ flower is also featured at the top of the image. Not only is it the corresponding flower to Capricorn and January, but more importantly, it stands as a beautiful symbol of power and strength in nature, as it breaks through the frozen ground as a promise of re-awakening & fertility to come.


The main theme for this month is finding harmony and celebrating all of who we are- the light and the dark. This is represented by the yin and yang pattern which can be seen across the face of the Moon. Featured in the artwork is also the Matangi Mudra, a hand gesture for inner harmony. The Matangi Mudra is designed to be reminiscent of a candle flame as in February, modern pagans celebrate Imbolc – the candle mass – signaling the return of light and the midway point between the Solstice and the Equinox. The “return of the light” motif can also be seen in the yellow light creeping up through the bottom of the image in the background. The flower used here is violet – the birth flower for February. 


The theme this month is inspired by the watery goodness of Pisces Season and the start of the astrological year. The flower used is a Water Lily, which is incredibly resilient as it grows for most of its life underwater and in the mud. It is only when it breaks the surface of the water that the lily is able to open up and boom. Following the theme, the artwork also includes the ‘Padma Mudra’ – also called the ‘Lotus Seal’ – a hand gesture that inspires purity, and perseverance to float above the muddy waters of desire, fear, and attachment. The geometric shapes are also designed to represent an opening lotus, with lines shooting outwards to suggest expansion, change, letting go, and venturing out into the open space of possibilities. 


The theme this month is to return to our roots and to ground ourselves in abundance and prosperity as we enter the season of Taurus. It is also a time in the year where we can start tapping into our full potential with greater ease. This theme is seen in the image of the soil and the young green bud that is waiting to grow into its full expression. The geometric shapes are arranged to evoke the image of the head of the bull and represent abundance and success, but also the patience that is needed to grow and cultivate it. The hand gesture shown at the top of the image is called the Kubara Mudra, and it also aligns with the theme of abundance, patience, and prosperity. The three poppy flowers are also linked to the energy of Taurus.


The theme for May is soothing calmness as we enter a heavy period of retrograde energy with Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter all going retrograde within a few days of each other. Lavender is known for its soothing properties and is also linked to Gemini and May. The background is actually a heavily blurred image of lavender fields taken by Kuba in France. It is also dotted with clouds as Gemini is a true air sign. A butterfly is also featured, representing thoughts fluttering from one flower to another as Gemini’s energy can sometimes evoke. The hand gesture is called the Kalesvara Mudra and it’s used to soothe a frazzled mind and bring it back into alignment with the body.


The theme for June is peace and self-care as we enter Eclipse Season and Cancer, the sign of the crab. The artwork features geometric designs of seashells and their perfect spirals, which symbolize the cycle of transformation. The spiral is also closely linked to Mother Goddess and the sacred feminine, which plays nicely with the Cancerian themes of nurture, divine love, and home. The white rose featured is also the birth flower of Cancer and represents pureness, spirituality, unending love, and the strength and wisdom to let go with love and gratitude (hence symbolic use in both weddings and funerals). The Dyhana Mudra is also a gentle hand gesture representing the concept of ‘coming home to the self’, retreating from the stress and hustle of the outside world, and releasing collected negative energies.


The theme for July is fearlessness as Eclipse Season comes to a close and we are encouraged to heal and release all that weighs us down. The background contains a blurred image of fire and water, to also represent the movement from watery Cancer to fiery Leo. The geometrical shape is taken from the ‘flower of life’ and reminds us of the unity and interconnectedness of everything around us. The hand gesture used here is the Abhaya Mudra – a mudra of fearlessness but also protection and reassurance. A blossoming peony is also included as it’s roots are incredibly healing and detoxifying.


The theme for this month is inspired by fiery Leo Season and the opening of the Lionsgate portal. The sunflower is featured as it’s not only the birth flower for Leo and represents solar energies, but it’s also reminiscent of the lion’s beautiful, abundant mane. While Leo energy encourages us to be bold, brave and daring, it is also important to focus on femininity too. Along with the fiery Sunflower is the Yoni (womb) Mudra – representing retreating from chaos into our deep soft feminine core to find spiritual alignment and calmness. This hand gesture is a point of introspection and deep self-care in the midst of a month filled with extroverted energies. Only in focused touch with our compassionate and vulnerable self, can we keep all of that Leo masculinity from becoming toxic.


The theme for this month is finding balance as we experience the Equinox and Mars Retrograde. The background is the aurora borealis and in the center, a Moon is featured with a red tint to pay homage to the red planet going retrograde. The geometry chosen is the hexagonal design of honeycomb, a perfect structure built by bees, which mirror the qualities of Virgo’s organized, hardworking energy. In the Tarot, Virgo is also represented by The Hermit. In a similar way to a bee, the Hermit has to take a retreat and go on a journey to grow in solitude so he can come back and share his findings (nectar) with the collective in order to build new structures. The Mudra used is Kashyapa Mudra – a seal against negative energies in order to create balance and grounding. The flower used here is September birth flower Aster – symbolizing peace, wisdom, and patience. 


The theme for this month is deep magic and rebirth as we are called to rise up like a Phoenix despite any challenges the year has brought our way. The geometrical shapes allude to the Phoenix – a universal symbol of magic and rebirth, which (along with the scorpion and eagle) is a spiritual animal connected to Scorpio. When we embrace the more subtle, mystical qualities of the soul, rather than our ego, we can soar to spiritual heights like a bird on the wing. This idea is further supported by the Garuda Mudra – or Eagle Mudra, which is used to help us open our wings, awaken our inner magic, and to fly forth bravely and independently. The flower used here is called Gloriosa. With its upright, flame-like petals, Gloriosa puts on a show – but just like the Scorpion (and Phoenix), it’s beautiful to look at and dangerous to touch. It has long been used to treat a wide range of illnesses, and like the star sign that it represents, this flower is said to have great healing and magical power. 


The theme for this month is opening our hearts as we move through the 1111 energies and the final Eclipse Season of the year. The background represents the opening of new energy that is on offer to us and the geometrical design is a simple representation of a vortex, used to illustrate crossing through to a new dimension. Right in the center of this crossing is the Abhaya Hrdaya Mudra, also known as the Fearless Heart Mudra. ‘Heart’ here also means our core and our essence. This hand gesture guides us to connect to our heart’s truth and to find the courage to follow that truth. The Chrysanthemum flower is also included as it is the birth flower for November. The Chrysanthemum blooms in Autumn and reminds us that despite a cycle coming to an end, there’s always new growth and a new bloom possible. 


The theme for this month is gratitude for the journey traveled and to honor the closing of the year. The background image represents the last of the year dying off in preparation for the new year, hence the use of celestial light that slowly spills in the image from the right corner. The symbol of the bow and arrow is also used, not only to honor Sagittarius, but to represent the idea of expansion that’s soon to follow in the new year. The arrow is prepared to shoot, but the timing is not quite right yet – this is a moment of suspension (and suspense!) before shooting towards new horizons. The design also somewhat resembles a wheel or even a clock face pointing to different directions to further support the idea of cycles turning. The birth flower of December is Narcissus, which symbolizes hope, renewal and new opportunities. The Kali Mudra is also used to represent the end of a cycle. Kali is a goddess that aids us in destroying what is dark so we can make way for the light. 

2020 Calendar has sold out! Please stay tuned for 2021!

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