Nikki Weekly Tarot Reading: March 5-11, 2018

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The Hangman and 3 of Swords, Sorrow

To be completely honest, when I pulled these two cards they made me feel a little nervous. No one wants to feel heavy emotions. No one is seeking out sadness. However, when prepared, we can accept grief and sadness as part of life and we can use it move to a more joyful and grounded place.

So I am starting from a place of acceptance with these cards. Their messages may be difficult but the outcome is always about bringing us to a higher spiritual plane and a more peaceful emotional state.

When we receive the 3 of Swords, the message is to look at the cards surrounding to find out what may bring us sorrow. The surrounding cards are meant to prepare us for what is to come.

The Hangman is the card that points out major roadblocks. It wants us to know that we have hit a dead end somewhere in our life and we need to reevaluate what we are doing. Something is not working. We cannot move forward in the direction we are faced, period.

This can be in many aspects of life. Whether a romantic relationship, a friendship, a relationship with an organization, a job, a lifestyle, or a personal habit, something cannot move forward.

What comes to mind when you hear this? Whatever is your first thought is usually the right one.

Take sometime to think about your roadblock. Can you move in a new direction or do you need to part ways completely?

How could you adjust your path for this to be a healthy relationship? Or how could you completely let go and move on from this part of your life?

Letting go parts of yourself, even negative parts, can be very painful. There is usually a grieving period. Hence receiving the 3 of Swords.

I have personal story that speaks to this experience. When I started dating in my late teens and early twenties, I was drawn to very passionate and fiery relationships. The highs would be exhilarating and all consuming but the lows would be devastating and draining.

When I started my journey to become a more balanced person energetically, I started to call more balanced partners into my life.

However, when I would date these more balanced people, I would feel as if the relationship was boring or something was missing. I would crave those high highs and the electricity that came with them.

My counselor told me that in many healthy relationships, there is never this intense infatuation period. And that I was craving something from my past that I might not have with a healthy partner.

She said I needed to grieve this loss and honor that I would miss this part of myself. However I was gaining something I craved even deeper, consistency.

It was difficult at first to make this change in my relationships and let go of my old patterns. I was drawn to those feelings of consumption and lust. But when I let them go, my eyes opened to the gifts of my new path.

The love in my life now is so supportive and stable, it makes me feel a calm and deep peace. I would not trade this for anything.

If you had asked 20 year old me what I wanted, I would have said: an all consuming, high intensity love that ‘sweeps me off my feet.’ This does not appeal to me anymore.

But this was not an easy journey. Letting go parts of myself was painful, like a small death, and I needed to grieve.

So the cards are asking you, what can you start to let go of or change in order to be more healthy? How can you honor the letting go process and have compassion for yourself as you change?

You are capable of feeling sorrow and not letting it break you. You are strong enough to make hard choices. I believe in your ability to love yourself more and give yourself more.

Mantra for the week: I trust myself to make the hard decisions out of love for myself. And I honor all of my emotions, especially grief and sorrow. 

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