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Happy New Year little chickens! So happy to be sharing this Tarot journey with you all and to be connecting with so many of you through these weekly articles.

This week I will be doing something different. I did a five card reading for the entire year of 2018. I pulled a card for where we are at, what is blocking us, what will guide us for this year, our patterns of the past, and what will work for us in the future. I will break down each card with my insights and things to look out for in 2018.

Where we are right now: 3 of Cups, Abundance

This card is about feeling an abundance of love. The love between lovers, the deep love between friends, the unconditional love in families, and the love felt from the source of life in the Universe. This type of love is available to us at any time. Many of us have been connecting with our loved ones over the holidays and focusing on spiritual love as well. We took this holiday time to be grateful for all we have in our life. We also see the abundance of creativity, emotions, and resources we have within us. We feel very fortunate and we are ready to give to others. What a beautiful place to begin the year!

What is blocking us right now: The Star

When coming from a healthy place, The Star is about letting yourself shine, practicing self-care, and giving back to others from a place of wholeness. But from an unhealthy place, The Star can be about self-absorption, inflated egos, and vanity. When I look at The Star card I almost see her taking a ‘selfie’ as she holds the crystal bowl above her. The message here is to check our vanity, especially on the internet. The internet is a place of self-absorption and self-promotion. We can become hyper-focused on ourselves and lose sight of why we are using it in the first place- to connect more with others. This message is not just for the internet but for hyper-ego in any areas of our lives. How can being overly self-focused block us from connecting with others? How can it block us from spiritual growth? In what ways is the ‘me-first’ culture entering your life and causing you to suffer? 2018 will be the year of checking your vanity in order to remove blocks to your personal growth.

What is our guide for the year: The Tower

The theme of The Tower is truth and it is an extremely powerful card. The Tower wants us to focus on the truth above all else. It wants us to be vigilant in our truth finding and cut out any falseness in our lives. The Tower guides us to ask: How are you holding on to a story that is hurting you? What are you currently doing that doesn’t make you feel good? Who is in your life that brings you down? Well get thee gone! The Tower urges us to burn any decaying underbrush in our lives so we can plant our seeds in fresh soil. If we have a lot of garbage lying around there is no place for the plants to sprout! We must cut out any falseness or fake-ness. With The Tower as our guide card for this year, we must focus on the truth and create a solid, fertile ground in which to grow. 

What were our patterns of the past: 10 of Swords, Ruin

The 10 of Swords is all about a pattern of negative thinking. In the past, we allowed ourselves to create habits that diminished us with our repetitive thoughts of negativity. We were living more by fear than by love. This type of thinking will bring negative energy into our lives as well. If we ensure that our thoughts are as bright as possible, we will attract goodness and positive energy into our life. This card wants us to let go of our self-fulfilling negativity and step into the light!

What will work for us in the future: Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups calls us to connect to our deepest most heartfelt desires. What will work for us in the future is being true to ourselves by honoring the places inside of us that long to be heard.  We must give voice to our most intimate feelings and needs. In the energy of the Ace of Cups, we will discover our need to give and receive love. This is both at a romantic and spiritual level. In this place, we will not quiet our desires and we will give love to each part of ourselves. This card also allows us to accept and love those around us easily, without any shame. This is a place of deep love and acceptance. From this space, dreams can be both heard and accomplished and love flows through us with great depth. It is a beautiful place to work from in 2018.

To summarize: we start with abundance, we are blocked by vain, we are guided by truth, we let go of negativity, and we step into the future with love and acceptance.

The cards lay out a powerful and growth-filled  2018. I wish you only the highest and best!

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