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valentines tarot
Tarot card pictured is from the Crowley Thoth Deck

This is a special tarot reading just in time for Valentine’s Day. For this reading, I pulled one card to guide us when it comes to love in our lives.

The card we received, perfectly enough, is The Lovers. This card speaks to self-love as well as romantic love.

There is an innocence and trust that comes with this card. This is our heart before we were ever hurt and before we became overly cautious with our love.

Through the energy of this card, we give our love freely to others. We feel whole in ourselves and are not looking for another person to make us complete.

This card guides us to reclaim our hearts. We call back the pieces that have been damaged by others and we make ourselves full again. Though we have scars on our hearts, we feel stronger than ever.

Under the influence of The Lovers, we give ourselves deep respect. We do things that make us feel beautiful, cared for, and healthy. We treat ourselves like the kings and queens we are.

Through loving ourselves, we begin to trust the Universe again. We start to love others with less fear. We work on our blocks and let go of the past.

We are not focused on finding a partner or fulfillment through outside sources. We are enough just as we are.

Instead, we give love without needing something in return. This type of vibration will draw healthy and emotionally available people into our lives.

The Lovers card shows energy flowing freely. We do not stop its flow with our personal hangups and anxieties. Our healing work has allowed us to accept and believe that we deserve deep love.

The love that we call in is on a higher plane. This love is ruled by emotional honesty and genuine expression. All parties are balanced in their effort and vulnerability.

Depicted on The Lovers card are equal partners, entering into a spiritual marriage. The figure flying above them is Cupid, blessing them with the might of Universal Love.

Each one of us deserves our own equal partner that has done the work to love and heal themselves. This is a partner that is ready to build a life and support another person, not out of need but out of love.

The Lovers is not about two halves becoming a whole, but two wholes coming together to make one joyful and healthy relationship. We are guided to make space for this type of love in our lives.

Mantra for Love: I am called to heal and open my heart to the deep love waiting for me.

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