Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: April 9-15, 2018

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Mother of Wands, 5 of Disks, and 4 of Disks, Power

When I sat down to draw our message for the week, I felt called to pull three cards. In my reading I will start with the middle card, the 5 of Disks.

We are feeling depleted in some way, financially, emotional, physically or all of the above.

Financial hardships, illness, and relationship struggles are all connected to the 5 of Disks. It could be that there are very difficult things occurring in our lives right now, or it could be that we are over focusing on the negative, making them seem larger.

Either way there is much anxiety about these real or imagined hardships and it is consuming us. We are having a hard time seeing the positive and staying in the moment. We are primarily focusing and worrying about the future.

I want to take a moment and honor this anxiety. Anxiety is no fun and causes mental and physical pain. I am sending compassion and light to any of you suffering from excessive worry or panic. No matter the cause, the feeling of anxiety is real and very difficult.

The two cards surrounding the 5 of Disks are here to help support us during this time. They are positive guides that are showing us the way to more love and strength.

The first guide card is the Mother of Wands. The imagery in the card is a powerful snake protecting her eggs. She is graceful and calm while also staying alert. She is ready to slay whatever might try to hurt her family.

This mother has faced a lot of trauma and pain in her life but it has only made her stronger and wiser. It has also made her a fierce protector. This card calls us to calm our bodies and minds while also trusting our protective instincts.

The Mother of Wands is here to remind us of our own inner mother that is protecting our inner child. When we are feeling anxious, let your strong mama energy come forward and soothe your inner fears.

We must know how strong we are and how much we have already overcome. We have never been defeated by even our worst days, we have always made it through. Recall when you have made it through a difficult time and allow yourself to feel the strength of your past.

This week we will channel the Mother of Wands to slay our anxiety and protect our youthful spirit.

The next card guiding us is the 4 of Disks, or Power. While the first card is about our inner mother the 4 of Disks is about our Mother Earth.

The card portrays a solid fortress that gives both security and power. The symbols on each of the four pillars are the elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

The 4 of Disks is about seeing the abundance of the Earth and how much it supports us. On a very material level, it give us air to breathe, food to eat, shelter to live and clothes to wear. This planet literally supports our ability to live.

But it also supports us on a deeper level. It is the mother of us all and wants us not only to survive but thrive.

First, this card calls for us to feel the security and strength of living on a planet that supports us by being grateful for this earth and all its riches. By tapping into gratitude for all we have, we will help to relieve the anxiety we might be feeling.

But secondly, this card calls for us to protect and sustain the planet so we can continue to live.

What is one action you could do this week to better our planet?

Whether it is picking up trash off her body, planting flowers in her honor, supporting an environmentally conscious company, or simply spending time adoring her beauty, choose one action to honor this message.

By focusing our energy on protecting the planet we will help get our minds off our own worries. We will also be helping the world to be a healthier place, which in turn will help us be healthier as well.

Mother Earth is looking out for us and has our back. Really sink into this feeling and allow it to make you strong. We can then grow to be our own protector and a protector of the planet. Both energies will be so supportive when dealing with personal struggles.

Mantra for the week: As I confront my worries and anxieties, I channel the strong mothers of the planet. I feel loved and supported while I fiercely protect myself and the Earth.

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