Nikki’s Weekly Tarot: February 28-March 6, 2022

Prince of Wands and Queen of Disks

This week we have a New Moon in Pisces on March 2nd. The cards show us how to navigate the energy and work through the days ahead.

The Prince of Wands rides a red and orange chariot pulled by a fierce and focused lion. He is resourceful, passionate, and energetic. He is also a bit spontaneous. Always the life of the party, the Pince of Wands goes after what he wants.

This may not feel like our natural state right now, but this card is here to help us channel the energy. We need positive electricity in our lives and the Prince of Wands is here to provide.

The Prince is a welcomed and joyous card. He is full of grounded confidence. He brings his ability to overcome obstacles that once held us back through his self-assurance.

He also brings the gift of a new perspective and allows us to focus on our strengths. He lets us see ourselves as the hero of our story instead of the victim.

This confidence does not come from his ego. Instead, it comes from the fact that he has always overcome his traumas and barriers and come out on the other side. He knows he can face difficulties and continue on his path.

The Prince of Wands comes up to remind us of our own youthful and capable energy. How can we tap into this power? How can we access our vibrant and spontaneous side?

This card is full of vitality. If there are areas in your life where you need an energy boost, use the charge that comes from the Prince of Wands.

Do something that ignites you: tackle a project that has been collecting dust, volunteer or give back, and connect with passionate friends. 

Another way to aid in this vibrational flow is to add some movement or exercise to your day. Find something that feels good to you and fire up your week. The New Moon will support us with this energy as well.

Our second card is the Queen of Disks. I definitely have a special relationship with this card. In times of intensity, she often comes up to show me just how strong I really am. She models her strength in such a beautiful way.

This week I believe this Queen is speaking not only to us individually but to the world as a whole. She is here to remind us all of our strength collectively.

This fierce Queen, with her crown of twisted horns, sits on top of her towering throne and surveys her land. She has come so far and is taking time to look back at what she has accomplished.

She is growing older, but instead of getting bitter or hard-hearted, she is becoming wiser, more confident, and full of integrity. She knows what she is capable of and is proud of the person that she is.

Her journey has not been easy. She has gone through difficult times and has cut out a lot of toxic people. She no longer accepts bad behavior from others.

This Queen is the Queen of boundaries. She does not let people in that are not good for her, she is too smart and experienced for that. She also says no to things that don’t bring goodness and light to her soul.

The passage of time has given her strength and intelligence. She is grateful for her past because it has made her who she is but she is excited for her future because she will use her wisdom to accomplish great things.

By making decisions that raise your vibration and propel you forward, you are walking the path of the Queen of Disks. She is a powerful and kind woman that will guide you to evolve in your life and learn to love yourself.

Let Queen remind you of how strong and smart you are, let her help you set important boundaries, and let her encourage you to lean into your power and self-worth. You can move forward with wisdom and confidence.

When you set intentions under this New Moon, let the Prince of Wands and Queen of Disks be your guides.

Mantra for the week: I care for myself and the world with my passion and wisdom. I am grounded, strong, and full of pride.

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