Nikki’s Weekly Tarot: July 1-7, 2019

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The Daughter of Pentacles and the Sun of Pentacles

The cards knew their message had to be strong this week so they sent the brother and sister of the same suit.

The gentle but powerful energy of the pentacles is guiding us this week under the influence of the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

The picture of the cards is in front of a blooming borage plant. This plant has lovely edible purple flowers and many medicinal uses. Borage is a source of Vitamin B and Omega fatty acid. It is used to stimulate breast milk and reduce stress.

Many people have borage in their garden to attack pollinators and protect neighboring plants against pests and disease. This super plant is full of uses and just one of the many ways connecting with nature can enrich our lives.

The Daughter and Son of pentacles are most alive when outdoors and they call us to connect more with the natural world. They want us to spend time in the wilderness for healing and wisdom.

Under the New Moon Eclipse, we think about new beginnings. What seeds do we want to plant and what will we grow into during our next cycle? The natural world is always changing and evolving, and so are we.

The Daughter of Pentacles is a planner. She is hardworking, responsible, and takes care of business. She doesn’t want the spotlight, but instead makes sure everything goes smoothly behind the scenes.

The Daughter of Pentacles is here to support you during this time. Do you need help with logistics and details? Do you need someone to keep things moving along?

Her energy will help us tap into our planning mode. We will be able to tackle projects and to do list with more ease and vigor.

The Daughter is about stepping away from the spotlight and social calendar to get things done. Use these skills under the New Moon Eclipse to put things into motion.

What have you been putting off? And what work do you need to start? You will be able to accomplish a lot this week if you give yourself the time. You might even be more productive if you spend a moment in nature as well.

There is so much wisdom in the Son of Pentacles but there is also a lot of heaviness. This card tells us we have gone through hard times and feel the obstacles with each move.

We are not light and breezy when it comes to making decisions or taking steps forward. We have experienced pain and loss and it informs our behavior.

We could feel depressed by the number of struggles we have gone through and our inability to fully let them go, or we could embrace our past as something that makes us wiser, stronger, and more compassionate.

We carry heavy burdens that have changed us as people, but these changes make us the people we are today. The things we have gone through give us special skills and strengths that no one else has. They are unique to us because our experiences are unique to us.

We have grown in our empathy and our perceptions of life. We can feel and see things we couldn’t before. We know how to support people in ways that match what they truly need. We also can see through things that would have tricked us in the past.

Traditionally, the Son of Pentacles is slower moving and takes time to make decisions. They do this in order to think deeply about what is their next step.

The pains of their past have given them wisdom and insights. They use this knowledge to think through all the scenarios and what could go wrong.

The Daughter of Pentacles helps us put action steps behind our thoughtful decisions. Together the cards act as a team to help us to move forward. We have the wisdom of the Son and the commitment of the Daughter.

Use their energy this week to move your life forward. Make some tough calls, plant seeds, and get things done. We are being called by the energy of the moon and the power of the natural world. We are always growing.

This is mantra I have used before, but it is so fitting for this week. Say this rhyme under the influence of the New Moon Eclipse and see what magic occurs.

Mantra for the week: My past has made me strong and smart, my heart lets go of fear. Doors open all around and the blessings of life appear. 

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