Nikki’s Weekly Tarot: November 7-13, 2022

Weekly Tarot

The cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.

Ten of Swords and The Empress

As we journey through Eclipse Season, we encounter spaces for growth and reflection. On November 8, the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus will stir up a lot of emotions as well. The cards are here to help us navigate this time.

Whenever we receive a ten card it means we are at the culmination of a journey, something has reached its limit and we cannot go any further. When it comes to the Ten of Swords this is a good thing as we need to release and evolve.

With this card, we often find ourselves saying everything is okay when it’s not. We are in pain and the world is in pain. We oscillate between feeling it deeply and not feeling it at all. We cannot take it all in at once or it will honestly be too much.

We have been distracting ourselves with whatever we have needed at the moment. The Ten of Swords tells us that it is perfectly reasonable and normal to use distraction to get through intensity.

Part of working with the energy of the Ten of Swords is letting go of the guilt for the things we have used to get through. To move to the next phase, we will need to be at peace with the things we have needed to cope.

Work on your compassion and acceptance of yourself this week. We are living through turbulent times, whatever you have needed to do was okay. Through self-compassion, you will find a new path.

Our next card is the Empress. This card is a supportive guide and the embodiment of loving energy. She is sturdy in her drive to rebuild and nourish. She is the warmth and safety of a mother holding a newborn baby to her breast. 

The Empress wants us to take this powerful energy and use it on ourselves. She calls us to practice some fierce self-care this week. She asks: what can we do to truly nurture ourselves? How can we create more safety and security in our lives?

From a place of love and safety, we can truly thrive. We can take risks and be creative. We can live more fully. But without this foundation, we are only surviving not thriving.

Allow the energy of The Empress to wash over you and take steps to love yourself more deeply this week. Know that unconditional love is available to you and the universe accepts you just as you are.

The Empress wants us to love ourselves as we would a young child. It asks us to treat ourselves with patience, kindness, and care. It asks us to be the parent we always needed.

This type of love is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Through this work, we are creating a rich soil from which we can flourish.

It is only when we love ourselves daily and continue to show up, that true transformation appears. The Empress will support the motivation and consistency needed in our practice.

The Empress will inspire self-love under the Taurus Blood Moon Eclipse. Be on the lookout for opportunities to care for yourself and build more safety in your life. It is a time to make choices that led to a brighter future.

Mantra for the week:  I let go of the guilt I’ve been holding on to. I love myself with the strength of a mother.

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