Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: April 17-23, 2023

Weekly Tarot

The cards pictured are from Uusi’s Pagan Otherworlds deck.

Six of Cups and King of Cups

This week we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries, the start of Mercury in Retrograde, and the transition into Taurus Season on April 20. We feel big shifts in the air. We open ourselves to fresh energy and allow the cards to share their nurturing guidance.

Our first card this week is the Six of Cups and it is all about enjoying the here and now. This card wants us to know that pleasure is our birthright and that we deserve to feel good. It is also the perfect representation of Taurus energy.

The cups depicted here are full of beautiful flowers floating above a peaceful pastoral scene. There are warm and powerful vibrations radiating from this card.

This card speaks to being in touch with our sensuality. It asks us to first be aware of what brings us pleasure so we can then share that knowledge with others.

Spend time this week listening to your body and to your desires. If you have a romantic partner, share your personal desires with them. If you are single, open yourself up and connect to what feels good and is life-giving to you.

If you have blocks around feeling pleasure, examine those beliefs this week. Ask yourself why you don’t make room for pleasure in your life and see if you can change that. Because remember, pleasure is your birthright. And as long as we are not causing harm to others, we should go after what brings us joy.

Our next card is the King of Cups. He is a calm and loving card that shares his ancient wisdom with us. He sits on a throne surrounded by water. He closes his eyes to listen to his intuition, his dreams, and the sounds of the earth. He is a blend of watery sensitivity and earthly groundedness.

When he closes his eyes, the sound of his breath is like the ocean, moving in and out on the sand. This card reminds us that our breath is always there for us as a comforting and transporting presence.

When we journey to the depth of the ocean, and of ourselves, we will find both treasures and darkness. This happens anytime we tune in with what we are really feeling.

The King of Cups teaches us not to hold on to any specific feeling for too long. We should let them flow through us like water through rocks, knowing that everything is impermanent.

This card is also a model of generosity when sharing our love and energy. The King gives love without expecting anything in return. He does not hold on too tightly, demand constant reassurance, or try to control those around him.

Instead, he gives away his love freely and trusts that what is meant for him will always come to him. He has faith in himself and the Universe.

This moment in the cosmos can be overly intense and lacking in patience. We can feel caught up in this energy during the transition out of Aries season, Mercury in Retrograde, and the portal of the Eclipse. The King of Cups is here to remind us to let go, have faith, and return to our breath.

Mantra for the week:  By connecting to my trusted breath, I am grounded. I am deserving of joy, peace, and pleasure each day.

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