Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: April 23-29, 2018

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The Priestess and The Universe

It is a powerful week as we have two Major Arcana mamas as our cards. They stand fiercely before us, showing us the tools to our own peace and vitality.

This week will be about building ourselves up so that we can move forward like a warrior.

The Priestess is a card all about our intuition, dreams and psychic abilities. She gathers her strength from the natural world, with a crescent moon before her and magical talismans at her feet.

She calls us to receive the messages of the universe by meditating and listening to the still small voice inside. We often are missing many of the signs the world is sending us by moving too fast without any quiet time.

The Priestess asks us to slow down. She wants us to see, hear, and feel the poetry of the moment. We can gather clues about where to go next when we take the time to connect to our intuition.

The Priestess tells us that the keys to our lives are available to us at any time. We only need to make the space to unveil them.

Spend some time this week meditating with your own magical talismans. Whether they are crystals, candles, flowers, stones or books of poetry, surround yourself with things that raise your vibration.

Then ask for The Priestess to guide your vision and intuition. She will support you as you unlock the messages waiting for you.

The Universe card is a wonderful partner to The Priestess.

The Universe tells us that we are often looking ahead and are focused on our future goals. We are very progress minded and want to be better than we were yesterday.

While there is nothing wrong with this, sometimes we get overwhelmed with all we want for the future instead of seeing how far we have already come.

The Universe asks us to spend time thinking about our strengths and accomplishments this week rather than what we are striving for or what we are lacking. The card wants us to feel proud for all we have done and really take a moment to celebrate.

Do not even think about what you want next, instead simply tell yourself that you are amazing exactly how you are in this moment. Dance, eat, sing, and rejoice as you honor where you are on your journey.

Spend time this week celebrating yourself. Do something that makes your feel good. Indulge in an activity that makes your body feel alive.

The Priestess asks us to turn down the volume while the Universe asks us to turn it up! You can connect this with the message by first spending time in quiet mediation and then getting up to dance.

Ask the powerful Priestess and Universe mama to amplify your inner strength. Together they will hold us and help us feel full.

Mantra for the week: As I quiet my mind, I connect with my intuition and the messages of the Universe. I am proud of all I have accomplished on my journey so far and I celebrate myself.


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