Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: April 24-30, 2023

Weekly Reading

The cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.

Ace of Wands and Five of Wands

Our first card this week is the Ace of Wands, it is all about connecting to what makes us feel passionate and alive. Wands are about purpose, fire, and spirituality. As an Ace, it has all the potency of every Wands card in one. It calls us to connect to what makes us ignited.

The Ace card challenges us to look for hope and positivity. It asks us to see the best in a situation, while our mind might be thinking the worst. Even when we go through the darkest times, it wants us to remember that others are carrying burdens as well, and we can still choose kindness.

The Ace of Wands allows us to connect with the light inside our hearts and see the light around us. We are able to connect to our true essence, the part that animates us and lives beyond our physical form.

We are all doing the best we can at any given moment. The more loving we can be, the better we will feel, and the more our core essence can come through and shine the way.

Use the Ace of Wands to amplify your kindness of spirit and connect to your purpose. Sync up with its energy to find the way to your personal path through love and grace.

Through the vibration of this card, we are also called to break out of normal routines and do things that remind us of our fire. Perform an act of care for a stranger, visit a place you have never been before, or take a risk that’s been on your mind.

Anything that sparks your fire will help you connect to the Ace of Wands. How can you use this energy to align with your purpose? How can you step out of your comfort zone? How can you take the time to listen to your heart?

These questions will help us tap into the Ace’s vibrations while our next card will help us to know ourselves deeper and get clear about what we need to release.

The Five of Wands accompanies the Ace to help us understand how to create change in our world. It asks us to listen to messages inside, even the ones that harbor feelings of negativity or resentment. We are being called to investigate what makes us irritable, uncomfortable, or puts us in a bad place.

This card wants us to be mindful of the things that test our patience. We are to notice what rubs us the wrong way, especially when it comes to our relationships. It wants us to question these things and see if there is another way.

Do we have to be around the person that irritates us? Do we have to do the tasks that weigh us down? Is this the right environment for us? Can we make changes?

Through the Five of Wands, we slow down and investigate our world. We examine the things we do throughout our day and what feelings they bring up. We step out of autopilot and explore the opportunities.

Through this awareness, we find we have the agency to create a better experience for ourselves. We are not just stuck with the way things are. We have the ability to create what our lives look like.

Maybe we start having more boundaries with what we share with others. Maybe we decide to listen more and not engage in conflict. Maybe we start to delegate and say no to things.

Under the power of the Ace and Five of Wands, we show up with kindness and make changes (no matter how small) to support our joy. We feel a beautiful and intentional shift as we move through the days ahead.

Mantra for the week: I connect to the fire inside of me. The Universe opens my eyes to all the possibilities.

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