Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: April 30-May 6, 2018

weekly tarot reading
Daughter of Wands and The Empress

These cards are two sides of our feminine power: Intensely fierce and warmly nurturing.

When I pulled the cards for this week, I was struck by my emotions. I have been feeling a strong conviction rising to the surface under the Scorpio Full Moon. I was feeling this as these two gorgeous cards came forward.

I feel frustrated by how oppressive systems remain unseen to many people. I feel exhausted by the fact people of color, those who identify as women, and folks in the margins are constantly tasked with showing others the inherent corruptions in the world.

I feel that it is time for all of us to educate ourselves and open our eyes. It should not be on the backs of the oppressed to teach others. We must each strive for the destruction of oppression. We must each advocate for fairness and  justice.

These are my personal feelings and may not be yours. But this week, the Daughter of Wands calls for us all to find what we are personally passionate about and share it out! She wants us to connect to our own fierceness and our own fire. She wants us to know our strength.

If there is something or someone holding you down, this will be the week to break free. Let them know how they are impacting you and finally share your piece. Do not hold back feelings you have been keeping in. This is your time to let go.

Spend time thinking about what you need to release this week. What do you need to say to stand up for yourself? What do you need to share?

It could be something you need to say to someone else or something you need to say to yourself. It could be an organization, commitment, or job holding you down. Whatever the heavy burden, you will feel a release this week. But you must put in the work.

It will be your courage that gives you the release. And this action will lead to your next phase on your path, but like I said, it will take courage.

It is our right to be safe and understood. And the energy of the Daughter of Wands is urging us to make sure we are both. She is stubborn and much stronger than she looks. So don’t let your perceptions of yourself get in the way.

You are a boss. You are a warrior. You are a visionary. You are fire.

After your courageous actions, you might be filled with adrenaline or feelings of stress and you will need to come down.

The Empress is here to show us how to nurture ourselves, how to connect to the warm energy of the feminine after utilizing our fierceness.

The Empress’ strength comes from being gentle. She is compassionate and kind without asking for anything in return. She wants us to join with the maternal energy in our lives.

This could be spending time with our mothers and/or our mother figures, spending time in mother nature, or connecting to the mother inside of us.

Go outside and see the moon. Make a bouquet of fresh flowers. Get dirt on your hands. Call your mom. Hug your legs.

Whatever you do, intentionally call forth the energy of the mother. These fertile, creative, and warm vibrations will soothe you and keep you grounded.

You will need it after you take on the energy of the Daughter of Wands to break free and kick ass.

Mantra for the week: I stand up for myself and speak my truth. I am fire. I take care of myself and nurture my spirit. I am earth.

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