Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading April 5-11, 2021

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The Hierophant and Four of Cups

Everyone we meet is a teacher to us. Some we seek out and others we unconsciously attract. If we view the world this way, we will always deepen our spiritual path through whomever we encounter.

The Hierophant often pops up in our readings to remind us of this idea. It calls for us to be open to new teachers, no matter who they may be and how we may meet them.

The Hierophant also comes up when we are in a time of transition. It tells us we are ready to go to the next level but we are not sure how to get there. Songs, books, quotes, or guides will show up to give us wisdom throughout the days ahead.

Open your eyes and heart to the knowledge of the Universe. See the messages that will lead you where you need to go. Hear the sounds calling you to your path.

There is a New Moon in Aries on April 11th. The vibrations of this moon are all about planting seeds and taking bold steps forward. We are in a time of exciting new journeys and creating fresh ideas. 

Keep your eyes peeled for specific signs meant to give you a push in the right direction. Be ready to take in all that is around you. The call of The Hierophant will be amplified through the energy of the New Moon.

Notice the teachers you encounter this week. Listen to the wind and take in the symbols from nature. Look out for guides that lead you to higher consciousness. There are teachers all around us if we choose to see them.

While The Hierophant connects us more to our spiritual side, the Four of Cups connects us more to our physical. This card represents affection, pleasure, and sensory experiences. We are craving touch and wanting to feel good in our bodies.

On the card, the water is following freely from opulent gold goblets. Each cup is full while also filling the other cups. There is a balance of giving and receiving that is in perfect harmony.

We wish to fill our homes with flowers, eat delicious food, and imbibe festive drinks. We are craving the warmth of the sun and our feet in the grass.

Under the influence of this card, we are swimming in a pool of tenderness and we need support from those around us. Since we still can’t see many of our loved ones, we want to connect through texting, calling, or sending love poems through the mail.

So many of us are blessed to have amazing friends and family. The Four of Cups calls us to take stock of all the good we have at this moment. It wants us to let the love already present wash over us.

When we count our blessings, we allow more blessings to enter our lives. When we focus on all we have, instead of our deficits, we attract more goodness.

Use this energy this week to be grateful for each person and each luxury in your life. Thank them for being a wonderful support to you and tell them how much you care.

Allow the energy of the cards and the New Moon to enter your world. They are lovingly giving us their wisdom and inspiration to move us forward.

Mantra for the week: I am deeply grateful for all the love in my life. I am open to teachers in all forms and I am led by their guidance.

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