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5 of Disks: Worry, and The Devil

We often worry and create stories about things that never become a reality. We spend our time in this fearful space instead of allowing wonderful things to happen. We are so worried about what will go wrong that we miss out on what is going right.

The Worry card has a dark pentagram star in its center. The top of the star is pointed towards us as the reader. The significance of the direction of the star is that it shows us that we are in control of the worry we experience.

We most definitely can change, but it takes practice to call out these anxious thoughts. If we start to notice them, we can interrupt the cycle of worry. We can say to ourselves, ‘just because I had the thought, does not mean it is true.’

Sometimes our worries can get us in such a tizzy that we start to feel controlled by them. We make decisions around our worries and start limiting our life. We stop letting ourselves experience the moment uninhibited. We no longer feel free.

Under the spell of worry, we don’t take risks or go after what we want. We miss out on fun, spontaneity, and adventure. Worry says, make your life small and predictable. The Devil card calls us to do the opposite.

The Devil card can bring up apprehension and fear for those who receive it in a reading. Many think it means evil or bad luck is on the horizon. In some religions, the devil is used as a means of control. The devil keeps people from acting in accordance to their desires through guilt and fear.

However, that is the not the case here. In the Tarot, The Devil card is all about indulging in your desires and accepting yourself. It’s about letting go of your worries and enjoying life now.

Our desires and need for pleasure are valid and The Devil card wants us to embrace them. It wants us to let go of any guilt or worry we may feel and allow ourselves to do things that feel good.

The Devil card is a life affirming card that wants us to enjoy pleasure in a way that raises us up. It calls us to accept what we want and be balanced in our choices. Through this acceptance of our desires, we indulge in a way that enriches us.

This card is all about the idea of freedom. If we are not free, we are not happy. Is all your worrying causing you to feel less free? Are you limiting you life through your fears?

The Devil wants us to feel fully alive. When you are stuck in a pattern or behavior that isn’t good for you, you do not feel energized. You start to feel like you are simply going through the motions of life and not really living it.

Ask yourself if you are stuck in any unhealthy patterns. Look at the ways in which your worries impact your life. See if your thinking enriches your life or steals from it.

The Devil card calls for us to take care of ourselves. It does not want us worrying and fretting our lives away. It wants us to be here now, doing what we love, enjoying our bodies.

How can you embrace the energy of the Devil card? Start by challenging your worrisome thoughts. Question your thinking and say ‘just because I had the thought, does not mean it is true.’

Start to see if you are limiting your world. Take some steps to make your life bigger and more free.

This week, do at least one thing you have been scared to do. Focus on all the ways it will go right instead of the ways it could go wrong.

Make sure you listen to the advice of these sage cards. They are leading us to a path of openness and joy.

Mantra for the week: I let go of thinking that no longer serves me, especially patterns of worry and fear. I allow fun, spontaneity, and adventure to enter my life. I feel free.

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