Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: August 2-8, 2021

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The cards displayed are the Divine Feminine Tarot by Cocorrina.

Three of Swords and Eight of Pentacles

This week starts with entering a new month and we end the week with a Lionsgate Leo New Moon, which makes the cosmic vibrations extra potent. The cards this week show us where to focus our energy for the most growth.

Our first card is the Three of Swords. It asks us to look at the surrounding card to find out more about its meaning. That card is meant to help us understand how to work with the Three of Sword’s energy.

The Three of Swords brings up feelings of grief and the Eight of Pentacles asks us to slow down and be intentional in our actions. Together these cards call us to a purposeful contemplation of our inner world. The emotions may be heavy as we journey through disappointment and heartache, but that is not a bad thing.

If we push away our dark feelings, we also risk numbing ourselves to joy. When we try to sail past hard emotions, we miss out on the richness of our experience and the wisdom we can gain.

By sitting with our feelings and honoring them, the heaviness can be addressed. They will not go away immediately, but through our acceptance, the emotions will dissipate a bit.

Once we face how we feel, it will not be as scary or overwhelming. We can then work with the energy and think about what is really hurting us. We can talk to a friend, write a letter, and name the emotions.

We can also find refuge with others who might feel the same way right now. It is a universal human experience to feel hurt and brokenhearted. We are never alone in our emotions as everyone can relate to feelings of pain.

Some questions to ask yourself: How do you work with the pain from your past? How do you stay present with the feelings and not numb them away? And how do you not let them take you down completely?

Through working on our personal feelings, we might also be able to be there for someone else that is hurting. Through supporting a loved one, some of our own heartbreak can be mended.

When we are releasing some of our pain, we can make room in our hearts for new energy. We can use the energy of the Eight of Pentacles to take intentional steps towards a new path.

The spider goddess on the Eight of Pentacles speaks to the devotion needed to elevate ourselves to the next level. We need to slow down and put in the work if we want to grow from where we are.

A spider in the midst of creating a spiraling web might appear to be moving painfully slow, but they are actually progressing to their goal with each new layer. Spiders act with both determination and perseverance.

Just as spiders use their eight legs to create their webs, you can use your resources and skills to further your soul’s work. Focus and repetition are key to this process, and with each turn of your own spiral, you will grow and learn.

What needs your attention this week? Where can you commit more time and intention for your goals? Where can you take small and important steps on our greater journey?

This week, let yourself receive these messages and take action to open your heart. The cosmos is full of signs and energy under the Lionsgate Leo New Moon, we just have to be open to their calling.

Mantra for the week: I let myself feel the pain I carry in order to let it go. I take intentional steps towards healing and growth.

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