Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: August 30-September 5, 2021

Six of Cups and Nine of Disks

The Six of Cups is all about enjoying the fruits of our emotional labor. This card wants us to know that pleasure is our birthright and we deserve to feel joy.

The cups depicted here are glowing and the light they put off is golden and strong. There is warm and powerful energy radiating from this card.

We are craving touch and wanting to feel good in our bodies. We wish to fill our homes with flowers and we want to eat comforting food. We need the warmth of the sun on our faces and our feet in the grass.

The Six of Cups also calls for us to deepen our current relationships, especially the romantic relationships in our lives. It wants us to be present to the people we love and feel the pleasure that comes from that closeness.

The card speaks about being in touch with your sensuality as well. It asks us to be connected to our own sensuality first so we can then share it with others in a deeper way.

Spend time this week listening to your body and to your desires. If you have a romantic partner, share those desires with them. Open yourself up and connect to what feels pleasurable to you.

If you have blocks around feeling pleasure or thinking you deserve it at all, examine those beliefs this week. Question why you don’t make room for pleasure in your life and see if you can change that. Because remember, pleasure is your birthright.

Our next card is the Nine of Disks. This card has a phrase attached to it: you get what you give. This card is all about receiving back the energy you have been putting out.

Expect to experience whatever energy you have been sharing. The result of all the work you have been putting in for the last few months is about to pay off.

This could be financially, in your personal relationships, or on your spiritual path. Disks are all about those tangible elements, so be on the lookout for that.

This card rarely indicates sudden success or wealth from out of nowhere. The gains this card points to are from our hard work and dedication.

What projects have you been working on? How have you been putting in the time to build strong relationships? What have you been doing to make achievements at home? 

Your efforts will not go unnoticed this week and you will see the fruits of your labor.

Many of us are very aware of what we are missing but don’t take the time to take stock of what we have. When you notice any positivity make sure to take the time to be grateful. The act of gratitude only makes our gifts grow.

The Nine of Pentacles is about seeing all we have worked hard for and gained. It is about being grateful and realistic about the good things in our lives so that we can feel a sense of achievement.

Investing in yourself and others is always worth your time. Taking time to appreciate yourself and those around you will only make your life more beautiful.

Mantra for the week: I believe in the birthright of pleasure and the truth of karma. Whatever I give out, I receive back.  

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