Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: August 9-15, 2021

weekly tarot reading

The deck featured is the Aquarian Tarot.

The Five of Swords and Knight of Rods

The Five of Swords, also called Defeat, comes with some heaviness. No one wants to experience defeat, no one wants things to go astray. But the truth is that we all encounter disappointment, it is a natural part of life.

The Five of Swords shows its heaviness with the sky of blue and purple. This card carries weight because it speaks to how we are in control of our defeat. We control how it affects us and how we interpret it. We control what we learn from it and how we move forward.

This week we may experience our fair share of setbacks. Things may not work out the way we had planned. But the card of Defeat has more to do with how we limit ourselves to avoid failure or pain than the actual event that causes disappointment.

In Buddhism, there is the concept of the second arrow. The first arrow is the thing that happens to us: the heartbreak, the accident, the setback, but the second arrow, the more painful arrow, is how we view the first.

The second arrow is how we beat ourselves up because of what happened. It is how we talk to ourselves and say we are a failure. It is all the ways we negatively process the first arrow.

How can we change the way we view defeat this week? How can we start to see it as benign and normal? How can we continue to take risks knowing we might be disappointed? How can we let go of the second arrow?

Defeat, disappointment, and failure are our best teachers. They show us how strong we are and what we can do differently next time.

We should feel proud that we care enough to be disappointed. We put ourselves out there to encounter a setback. That means we were brave enough to take a chance and brave enough to care.

Our next card is the Knight of Rods. This is an active and forward-moving card. It’s also energetic, enthusiastic, perceptive, and aware. Under the influence of this card, your insights will heighten. You will see signs everywhere and be able to tap into their wisdom.

There are unexpected shifts in vibrations under this card. Blockages will be swept out of your path, allowing you to move forward in whatever direction you choose. This card will help you navigate the tricky energy of the Five of Swords.

The Knight of Rods is strong but kind. There is a respect for all living things and an ability to see the interconnectedness of life.

This is the card of getting things done in a respectful and efficient way. It’s about getting what we want, through both thoughtfulness and passion.

Use this gentle strength to propel yourself forward. A grounded but confident approach will make doors open that were once closed. You will be able to connect in ways that make others feel safe and allow you to move forward with grace.

The way we view ourselves is powerful and can create so much change. If we have compassion and confidence in ourselves, we can move forward with much more ease. Use the wisdom of the cards and the vibrations of the cosmos to support your positive evolution.

Mantra for the week: I am learning to view setbacks without judgment. I give myself and others, grace and love.

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