Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: December 10-16, 2018

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The Devil and The Hermit

We have been getting so many high energy cards lately. The cards have all been Major Arcana cards, which means they carry powerful messages from our higher selves.

They let us know what we can do to reach a place of peace and positivity. They tell us what to look out for and what pitfalls to avoid. They are our personal guides on the road to more love and contentment.

The Devil is a card that comes up when we need to examine our habits. It asks us if we are happy with our current patterns and if we are making healthy decisions.

Are you doing things that once made you feel good but now feel like an unhealthy coping mechanism? Or on the flip side, are you not doing things that feel good but instead only doing what others would want you to do?

The Devil card points to two sides of the coin, overdoing pleasure or overdoing perfection. If we are overdoing pleasure, we can start to feel like a slave to it. We avoid healthier activities and instead choose fast fixes. We might even be struggling with an addiction to something.

Our addiction could be with a substance, a person, or even a way of thinking. We start to feel trapped in our need for this thing.

The Devil card is all about the idea of freedom. We may think what we are doing feels good, but do we feel free to stop doing it at any time? If we are not free, we are not happy.

The Devil wants us to feel fully alive. When you are stuck in a pattern or behavior that isn’t good for you, you do not feel energized. You start to feel like you are simply going through the motions of life and not really living it.

Ask yourself if you are stuck in any unhealthy patterns. Look at what you do to manage stress. See if your habits enrich your life or if they steal from it.

If we are on the flip side, overdoing perfection, we might not have much pleasure in our life at all. We might be so focused on doing what others want, that we make little time for ourselves.

We could be hyper focused on living by the book that we don’t allow ourselves to do what feels good. We want to achieve all our goals and make our loved ones proud but we might be letting our personal needs fall by the wayside.

The Devil card wants freedom and balance in our lives. It wants us to take care of ourselves. Whether that means indulging in our desires or looking at our habits and making healthier choices.

The Hermit card is partnered with the Devil card this week and it is a great card for bringing clarity. This card wants us to address the questions the Devil brought up by spending intentional time alone.

The Hermit calls for us to take some time to be by ourselves this week. Take a walk, draw a bath, or go out in nature. Let your thoughts come and go as you listen to your body and mind.

You will be surprised how much you learn from a few undistracted hours alone. You will come up with solutions you need for balance and freedom in your life. You will see where you need to adjust your patterns.

If you are a natural introvert this will be an easy ask of you. But if you are more comfortable being social with others, it might be more of a challenge to be alone.

But know that being alone does not mean you will feel lonely. It will actually feel invigorating and relaxing. You will learn a lot about yourself from this intentional time.

Incorporating regular alone time is part of our journey to more love and contentment. Make sure you listen to the advice of these two sage cards and you will find more peace than you have felt in a while.

Mantra of the week: My habits bring more balance and freedom to my life. I regularly do things that make me feel healthy. I am energized by spending time alone.

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