Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: December 13-19, 2021

Weekly Tarot

Cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck

Queen of Swords and Princess of Cups

This week, we have the last Full Moon of 2021 and two beautiful cards to guide us. We are called to release what won’t be part of our journey as we enter 2022. We are also inviting in the gifts and strengths we wish to grow and bring with us moving forward.

It is a lovely moment of reflection and gratitude before the rush of the holidays and the new year. The cards show us how to best use these vibrations for our benefit.

Our first card is the Queen of Swords. She is a powerful warrior that has conquered new territory with courage. This card is always a standout because of her amazing authenticity and honesty.

The queen has cut through lies and removed the armor that prevented her from connecting deeply with others. She understands that vulnerability is a strength and experience makes you stronger.

She can think with clarity and sees through phoniness. She knows what is truly important in life. Though she is tough, she has compassion for herself and others. She uses her sharp tongue when necessary but only in the right circumstances.

The queen goes straight to the heart of matters and is direct with her approach. She speaks her truth so she can live her life aligned with her values. She has removed the walls that kept her safe and now allows her real self to shine through. She is able to see through the disguises of others and knows that things go deeper than what is on the outside.

The Queen of Swords is bringing us all her gifts this week. She is helping us to speak our minds and pushes us to be vulnerable. She wants us to take off our armor and share who we are with others. She wants us to use our intelligence and honesty to get closer to the life we want.

How can you use the incredible energy of the Queen of Swords this week? Who do you need to share your truth with? How can you be more direct and open in your interactions? How can you be more boldly authentic?

If we want to step into our personal power and joy, we will need to channel the beautiful energy of the Queen of Swords. We need to release our fear of vulnerability and speak our personal truth.

The Full Moon in Gemini will help us to be bold and honest. It will support us in releasing what is inside so we can be lighter and free. The Queen of Swords helps us in the work of letting go and our next card helps us in what we call in.

The Princess of Cups is a dreamer. She thinks about what she wants for herself and the world. She doesn’t restrict her heart and envisions the life she desires.

She represents the earthy part of water, where dreams become real. She helps you put plans to your desires and take concrete action steps. She wants you to stop just fantasizing about what you want and make it a reality.

The Princess of Cups is surrounded by a dolphin, a sea turtle, a lotus blossom, and a swan. She is soaking deep into the water. These creatures and elements are highly intuitive and creative. They are our totems as we dive deep into these energies.

The Princess of Cups tells us we are entering a more nurturing and creative time with ourselves. We feel protective of our own peace and want to nourish this energy in any way possible.

If there is a location or activity where we feel calm and relaxed we will be especially drawn there. We will look for ways to repeat peaceful practices as much as possible.

In this restorative place, we will be able to think clearly about what we wish for the most. We will envision a future that reflects what is in our hearts. We will emerge with clarity on how to move forward.

Physical movement, creative practices, spending time alone, or any peaceful activity will really feel right for us this week. We are deeply craving these things and we should honor this desire.

We are called to nurture ourselves so we can enter the holidays with grounded energy. We are taking care of our physical and spiritual needs so we can be in a calm and loving place.

Mantra for the week: I release energy that is holding me back and connect to my vulnerability. I call in energy that pushes me forward and step into my authenticity.

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