Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: December 14-20, 2020

weekly tarot reading

The Five of Swords and 3 of Disks

This week starts with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 14-15th. This brings fresh, potent, and resourceful vibrations. We are reflecting and making meaning of this past year and our past in general.

We feel big movement in the areas of our lives where we have been doing the work. The New Moon brings the restart and support we need. The cards show us how to work with this energy.

The Five of Swords, also known as Defeat, shares its wisdom and medicine. Through this card we are being asked to dive into our shadow-side and be accepting of the realities of life.

Though no wants to feel defeat, it’s a natural part of life. And this year has been full of disappointments and defeats for many of us.

On this card are five swords in the shape of a pentagram. The top of the pentagram is pointed towards us.

The significance of this formation is to show we are the ones that amplify or disarm our defeat. We control how it affects us and how we interpret it. We control what we learn from it and how we move forward.

Under the influence of the New Moon Solar Eclipse, we may be reflecting on our fair share of setbacks. Many things may not have worked out the way we had planned this past year.

But the card of Defeat has more to do with how we limit ourselves to avoid pain than the actual events that cause disappointment. It is about how we identify with our failures rather than seeing them as natural occurrences.

We are being asked to zoom out and see our lives non-judgmentally. In this light, our setbacks and disappointments exist without a story. When we detach from the negative meaning, we experience a deep sense of relief.

How can we change the way we view our defeats? How can we start to see them as benign and normal? How can we continue to take risks knowing we might be disappointed? How can we start to view our experiences without judgment?

Defeat, disappointment, and failure are our best teachers. They show us how strong we are and what we can do differently next time. We are being called to this powerful work with the Five of Swords.

With the Five of Swords, we are looking towards the past, with the 3 of Disks we are looking towards the future. We are thinking about what we want to manifest in 2021 and starting our intentions now, under this New Moon.

The 3 of Disks is all about concentrated and deliberate effort. It is about focus and the ability to work hard for what we want. It gives us the power to be aware of our desires and not swerve from our path.

This year has left many of us feeling scattered and pulled in different directions. But this week we will narrow in on what we want for 2021. We will let go of those voices that leave us feeling doubtful and confused.

Inspiration will be our friend as we start to create a clearer picture of what the future will look like. This card usually indicates a high level of professional ambition. So use this time to focus on your career and make concrete goals for 2021.

If your career is an area that holds insecurity for you, use the energy of the 3 of Wands to push through that this week. You will need to work through those feelings in order to manifest the abundance that is waiting for you.

This is a powerful time of reflection, healing, and intention setting. Use the wisdom of the cards and the vibrations of the cosmos to support your growth.

Mantra for the week: I am learning to view setbacks without judgement. I consciously unleash my infinite potential. 

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