Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: December 21-27, 2020

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The Wheel of Fortune and Two of Wands

So much cosmic energy is supporting us in the last days of 2020. We are energized by The Great Conjunction and Solstice on December 21st. We are motivated by the goal-setting vibrations in the air.

Our cards are wonderful reflections of these times and are sending their wisdom and medicine. They help push us forward and encourage our growth.

Wheel of Fortune card calls us to set high intentions for ourselves and let go of limiting beliefs. It asks us to open ourselves up to receive and take advantage of opportunities.

This week starts with The Great Conjunction, so it is only fitting that we got the most Jupiter connected card in the deck. The Wheel of Fortune is ruled by Jupiter and brings her lucky, expansive energy with her.

Fortune is our four-leaf clover, our pep talk, our magic fairy dust. She tells us to shoot for the stars and reminds us of how strong we are. She brings success to our adventures and heightens our abilities and creativity.

She allows us to see far into the future on how we could grow and flourish. She lets us dream big and asks us not to hold back out of fear. She lets us know we make our own luck by tapping into positivity and focusing on where the flow of life is headed.

Ask for what you want and set into motion the things necessary to achieve it. But don’t forget to leave room for the Universe to give you more.

Don’t be so specific that you cannot allow for divine intervention. Say out loud: “I set my sights high, and the Universe will set them even higher.”

Prepare yourself so that you can achieve what you desire. Go back to school, propose your ideas, and save for your dreams. But allow for the energy of Fortune to take them beyond what you imagined.

We often don’t open up out of fear and can live in a self-fulfilling prophecy of ‘nothing works out.’ But when we listen to our intuition and take chances that feel right, we can experience good fortune.

Jupiter also has protective energy. She protects us in the solar system by blocking asteroids and comets from hitting the Earth and spiritually she protects us on all our adventures.

So as we journey out of our comfort zones, Jupiter will be guiding and protecting us. Let go of fear and know that she has our back.

One of the questions that often comes up with Fortune is, ‘where exactly do I turn my wheel?’ We know we want more out of life but we don’t know which direction to turn.

That is where the Two of Wands comes in. It asks: What is your domain? What is the place that makes you feel the most energized? Where are you confident and in charge?

The Two of Wands wants you to contemplate these questions. It wants you to tap into the place that fills you up and makes you feel purposeful and passionate. Wherever you feel the fire is where you should direct your energy.

The red symbols on the cards are called Dorjes. They are phallic symbols from the Tibetan tradition that represent thunderbolts. They are thought to give those that possess them more power and courage.

The 2 of Wands is all about using the places in your life where you feel the strongest and most confident to give you information about your purpose.

You can also use these places to give you more strength and confidence in other areas of your life. It wants you to carry a Dorjes with you at all times.

The idea is, if you know you can be courageous in some areas in your life, why can’t you harness that courage in other areas? You are funny, creative, and fearless at times but need to grow this energy into the places where you are less confident.

Maybe you need to be brave with something you have been putting off. Maybe you need to be vulnerable with those you love. Or maybe you need to share your talents with a larger audience and connect to your greater purpose.

Wherever you need more power and direction, call upon the fiery energy that is already inside you. Use that fire inside to direct how you turn the wheel. You have everything you need to expand your world.

Mantra for the week: I set my sights high and the Universe sets them even higher. I connect to the fire inside to guide my path.

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