The Great Conjunction: Jupiter and Saturn Align in Aquarius December 2020

great conjunction 2020
You can also watch my video on the Great Conjunction here.

The Great Conjunction is a rare and very special astrological event that happens every 20 years or so. It involves the meeting of both Jupiter and Saturn at the same degree of the zodiac.

For the last 200 years, the Great Conjunction has occurred almost always in earth signs, but now, on December 21, 2020, both Jupiter and Saturn will align in the air sign of Aquarius.

As Jupiter and Saturn align in Aquarius it is going to kickstart a new era. It is also going to usher us deeper into the Age of Aquarius.

There is much debate on when the Age of Aquarius actually begins. Some astrologers believe it has already started; others believe we are still hundreds of years away. 

Regardless of when the Age of Aquarius officially begins, it seems this Great Conjunction falling in Aquarius, is a sign that we are about to see many Age of Aquarius themes unfold.

The Jupiter Saturn alignment is also believed to color and shape the decades to come. 

For the last 200 years, as Jupiter and Saturn have been coming together in earth signs, they have shaped and defined the world we currently live in. 

Earth energy is very tangible. It is all about building things, creating foundations, using the resources of the Earth, and focusing on material possessions.

Under this Earth energy, we have achieved a lot, but the time has come for a shift back into balance. We need to move away from material possessions, from robbing the Earth of its resources, and away from creating the tangible to creating the intangible.

And that is where the air energy of Aquarius comes into play. Aquarius energy is revolutionary, high-tech, and all about creating things that work through waves, signals, and beams. Rather than wanting to create something tangible, Aquarius energy is all about the digital world.

In 2020, we have already seen a huge increase in people using the digital world to work, to have meetings, to go to school, and to exercise. In many brick and mortar stores, processes have been automated, and there is a great focus on self-serve.

All of these things are bound to become more commonplace as we embrace this Great Conjunction energy in Aquarius.

Along with the world becoming more digital, we may also start to see a rise in community-based living. Rather than looking to big organizations or government, we may instead find the support we need from our own community members. Creating a sense of community may also feel more important or necessary. 

Aquarius energy can also bring advancements to the medical space by encouraging alternative healing practices like sound healing, laser technology, and even more digitized healthcare services.

As the sign that rules over humanitarian efforts, we may also see developments surrounding issues such as homelessness, world hunger, and equal rights.

Aquarius energy allows us to focus on what is good for the whole. Rather than focusing solely on our own needs and wants, we are able to see that we are all connected and that we all need to come together in order to create a better world.

When this energy is in balance, it allows us to create a more peaceful and compassionate world where we are able to put ourselves in the shoes of others, where we are able to create supportive and loving communities, and where we are able to work together and share common goals.

This is the Age of Aquarius utopia that has been sung about and talked about for decades. This is the better life we can envisage for ourselves, where we are all honored for our individual spark but then also connected and working together as a whole and for the greater good.

Like with all things, there is a dark side to this energy too that we have to be mindful to avoid.

When not in balance, this energy can make us ignore the beliefs of others and fall into a “group think” mentality. Rather than being able to think for ourselves, we are told what to believe and have to follow the group in order to feel accepted.

We need to be mindful of not allowing our own individual spark to be lost in trying to serve others and our community. We need to make sure we are acting from a place of truth and authenticity, or we will find that society becomes based on ideas of a single few rather than the collective.

We have 200 years to find this balance, as both Jupiter and Saturn will travel through predominantly air signs for this next cycle.

It is assumed that none of us reading this will live to see the completion of this cycle, so it is a pretty rare and special thing that we have been chosen to see the start of it!

In your own life, you can embrace the energies of this cycle by thinking about where you have been too attached to material possessions or items. 

You may also wish to reassess some of your goals. While earth energy is very supportive for creating tangible goals, this rise of air energy wants us to be more free and fluid.

It wants us to remember the power of our thoughts and that our thoughts are powerful seeds and signals of creation. 

When we are in a place where we feel aligned and in an authentic headspace, we are automatically attracting whatever is best for us. 

Rather than trying to manifest our goals, we should instead focus on bringing ourselves into a state of complete alignment. From this place, our goals and whatever we wish to manifest comes naturally.

Allow your energetic being and thoughts to become conduits or signals for the reality you wish to create. Beam up and out not from a place of ego, but from your higher self.

To get into a state of alignment is no easy thing! It requires us to surrender, love ourselves, and to step into our authentic truth. It is a constant work in progress, but the more steps we take, the more we focus on expanding and growing our spiritual mind, the further we will get on our journey. 

We can also tap in to the energies of Jupiter and Saturn for clues on how to work with this energy.

Jupiter is the planet associated with abundance and expansion. Its energy is naturally optimistic and allows us to see possibilities and potentials.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches, allowing us to welcome abundance and to see things with a greater clarity. Jupiter is considered to be the lucky planet and the one that brings us our natural gifts and rewards in this life.

Saturn in many ways is seen as the opposite, however this is a bit of mistaken identity. Saturn is considered a harsh planet that likes to impose rules and restrictions.

It wants us to set boundaries and may make us feel held back and even oppressed. Its energy is similar to that of a strict teacher, always wanting us to follow the rules, work hard, and scolding us when we don’t.

However, Saturn is also where we do our most growing and most learning. 

It is through Saturn that we are able to mature, to become wiser, and to find our true inner strength and power.

Saturn is also considered the Lord of Karma. By working through the lessons of Saturn, we are able to clear our karmic debts and hopefully attract more good karma our way.

Saturn is our constant reminder that all debts need to be paid. But once they have and the lesson has been learned, we are able to upgrade ourselves to the next level of evolution.

Both Jupiter and Saturn coming together in this conjunction is like the Lord of Karma meeting the planet of expansion. Here, Jupiter is able to shine a light on all of our Saturn lessons. It is able to soften them, make us see them with more clarity, but also in many ways, expand them. 

As the Jupiter Saturn conjunction is so pivotal, this energy affects us on a global level too. It is almost like Earth is waking up to its karma. In many ways, our entire planet is advancing to a new level and looking for debts to be paid.

Whatever our collective Earth karma is, this Great Conjunction has arrived to set things into balance. 

On a global level, whatever needs to be repaid will have to be repaid. Whatever is owed will have to be given. 

There is no escape. In a sense, this is that moment where the collective deeds of humanity are weighed against the feather of life, and we are able to see what needs to adjusted and set right.

On deeper spiritual levels, this alignment of Jupiter and Saturn indicates a rise in consciousness for the planet, where we are able to see with more clarity the karmic energy of the globe, and what we can do to create more balance.

It is also interesting to note that both Jupiter and Saturn will come together at zero degrees of Aquarius, which is a highly charged point of any zodiac sign.

0 degrees represents infinite potential and possibilities. It represents a time where all things are possible and a new foundation is opening.

On this day, it will feel like Earth is moving through a portal of energy where it will be rebirthed and hold millions of new possibilities for all of us. 

This is very fertile energy, which indicates new beginnings on a grand scale. Earth will never be the same again and as beings of this Earth, we will have no choice but to adapt and embrace this new chapter that is on offer to us.

The energy of the Great Conjunction will feel most powerful in the weeks leading up to it and the weeks after it. Then it will fade into the background of our lives, where it will continue to influence us most strongly for the coming years.

For a deeper understanding of how the Great Conjunction may influence you, your Sun Sign and Rising Sign, especially through 2021, download the Great Conjunction for your Sign report here.

You can also watch my video on the Great Conjunction here.

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